Facebook Clone in Ionic 3 and Firebase

Facebook Clone in Ionic 3 and Firebase

Building up your social media app quickly and beautifully with ionic 3 and firebase


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Facebook clone# Introduction This application has covered everything that you need in ionic 3 and firebase. This is full-fledged of Facebook clone(same like Facebook application functionality). Facebook is very familiar social app. This code is written in IONIC 3 Framework and Firebase 3. This Application is tested on IOS & Android device. In this 1st version implement basic functionality like register, login, add new post, like post, dislike, comment, update profile, view profile, share location, share image and Firebase chatting. This application developed in latest two technologies ionic 3 and Firebase.
The app uses SASS, which basically is CSS with superpowers. Each component has its dedicated sass files and partials well structured with independent variables so you can have maximum modularity, flexibility, and customizability.

Suggestion Acceptable

Please let us know if you have any suggestion related to our product or if you want new functionality or feature in the upcoming version. please mail us on mayorainfotech@gmail.com

Report a bug on github: https://github.com/mayorainfotech/facebook-clone-ionic-and-firebase



Why you buy this app?

1. It consists of 100% source code for IONIC 2 and FIREBASE. 2. UI/UX are SAAS based and coded with IONIC 2. 3. Social Login ( Facebook / Google ). also email login with verification. 4. Implement like, comment and post native sound. 5. Implement Firebase Chatting. The user can chat with other user and share his image and text. Also, see his previous chats and recently chats. 6. The user can post text, an image with caption and location. 7. The user can see his notification who like/comment this post. 8. The user can see who is online? and chatting with them. 9. Send Friend request to another friend. 10. Accept Friend request 11. Create ground and add a new friend to the group. 12. Group chatting 13. Video Calling.

1st Version Features:

1 Facebook Clone with Cordova Full Hybrid App using Angularjs2 + Ionic 2 framework which is open source front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobiles apps with HTML5.

  1. Firebase API used for user login and register.
  2. Firebase chatting user can chat with each other and also see recent chats and previous chats. Also, share his images.
  3. The user can share his thought and image.
  4. User can check in(location sharing) with current location or places(by using Cordova geolocation plugin)
  5. The user can like, dislike and comment on the post(with sound).
  6. Also, users can see his notification who like/comment this post.
  7. The user can see total friends and also see who is online?.

#2nd Version Features:

  1. Ionic Version 3.9
  2. Social Login (Facebook/Google)
  3. Email verification / Forgot password
  4. Send friend request / accept friend request
  5. See friend timeline
  6. Add post ( location, text, image )
  7. Like / dislike / comment on post
  8. Video calling
  9. One to one chatting and image sharing
  10. Create Group and add your friend to this group
  11. Group chatting
  12. Update profile

#3rd Version Features:

  1. Log in with a phone number
  2. Contact sync
  3. UI change
  4. audio sharing
  5. User can delete a message
  6. Post reporting
  7. Admin can delete a reported post
  8. Social Sharing
  9. Unfriend
  10. User block
  11. Many more

Platform :

Android Ios

Following Plugins are used in 1st Version

Cordova-plugin-actionsheet Cordova-plugin-camera Cordova-plugin-compat Cordova-plugin-console Cordova-plugin-device Cordova-plugin-fcm Cordova-plugin-geolocation Cordova-plugin-inappbrowser Cordova-plugin-nativeaudio Cordova-plugin-splashscreen Cordova-plugin-statusbar Cordova-plugin-velda-devicefeedback Cordova-plugin-whitelist Cordova-plugin-x-toast Cordova-sqlite-storage ionic-plugin-keyboard Read ionic doc for more details https://ionicframework.com/docs/v2/native/

Total Screen

1. Login 2. Register 3. Timeline 4. Add comment 5. Check in 6. All users 7. Recently chats 8. Online user 9. Chatting 10. Notification 11. Notification detail 12. User profile 13. To User profile 14. Edit Profile 15. Update profile image 16. Create Group 17. Group listing 18. Group chatting 19. Friend Request 20. Friend list 21. Video Call 22. many more

Next Goal in 3rd Version

  1. Login with phone number
  2. Contact sync
  3. UI change
  4. audio sharing