Ionic 2.x/3.x - Ionic Contacts Inviter

Ionic 2.x/3.x - Ionic Contacts Inviter

Increase your application growth by allowing your users to invite their contacts!


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This plugin is compatible with Ionic v2.x and v3.x!


Ionic Contacts Inviter allows to boost your app growth by allowing your users to invite their contacts to join your amazing Ionic application. In a few minutes, you can simply set up everything needed to display the contact list and send SMS. This plugin works on both iOS and Android.


  1. Works with iOS, Android.
  2. List all the contacts with at least one phone number.
  3. Send a SMS straight from your application.
  4. Easy to include in your existing app.
  5. The code is very easy to use.
  6. Compatible with your existing code.


  1. Install the required plugins: cordova plugin add, cordova plugin add
  2. Follow the storage guide (optional):
  3. Copy the content of the src/pages/contact/ folder into your app.
  4. Don't forget to update your app/app.module.ts file to import the ContactPage

That's all!


You need to test on a real device to be able to retrieve the list of phonenumbers and send a text message. Text messages are sent on behalf of the users (more information here

By default, the isContactAccessConfirmed preference is stored via the ionic Storage API, feel free to use a different service to store this option.

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