Ionic 2.x/3.x - Ionic Material Sidemenu

Ionic 2.x/3.x - Ionic Material Sidemenu

Add a material design menu to your Ionic 2 application with only a few lines of code.


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This plugin is compatible with Ionic v2.x and v3.x!


Add a beautiful material design menu to your Ionic 2 application. This plugin works on iOS, Android and Windows Phone and respects the material design guidelines. You can easily customize the cover header, the profile picture and the entries with only a few lines of code.

Test Before You Buy

You can test the app using Ionic View and enter the app id 4d800893.


  1. Works with iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
  2. Easy to include in your existing app.
  3. Follows the Material Design Guidelines.
  4. Easily custom the background color, the text color and the buttons.
  5. Comes with a full and detailed example.
  6. This component has well structured html, css and js files and is heavily commented, so that it is easy to edit, add your style, etc.


  1. Copy the app/components/ion-material-sidemenu.ts file into your app directory
  2. Import IonMaterialSidemenu component and add it to the declarations list in the app/app.module.ts file
  3. Copy the assets from the app/assets/ directory into your app/assets/ directory

That's all!


  1. in your app.html, add <ion-material-sidemenu [options]="menuOptions"></ion-material-sidemenu> in your ion-content, the parameter options is an IonMaterialSidemenuOptions where you set the username, the email, the background, the profile picture and the menu entries.

That's all. Here is an example of the app.html file, very simple. Just include the ion-material-sidemenu component:



Here is a simple example:

``` import { Component, ViewChild } from '@angular/core'; import { Nav, Platform, MenuController, Events } from 'ionic-angular'; import { StatusBar, Splashscreen } from 'ionic-native'; import { Page1 } from '../pages/page1/page1'; import { IonMaterialSidemenuOptions } from '../components/ion-material-sidemenu';

@Component({ templateUrl: 'app.html' }) export class MyApp { @ViewChild(Nav) nav: Nav;

rootPage: any = Page1;

menuOptions: IonMaterialSidemenuOptions;

constructor(public platform: Platform, public menuCtrl: MenuController, public events: Events) { this.initializeApp(); let _t = this; //keep a reference

// initialize the menu
this.menuOptions = {
  header: {
    background: '#ccc url(./assets/menu_bg1.jpg) no-repeat top left / cover',
    picture: '',
    username: 'Iclic Labs - Gmail',
    email: '[email protected]',
  entries: [
    { title: 'Inbox', leftIcon: 'mail', onClick: () => { _t.nav.setRoot(Page1) } },
    { title: 'Labels', isDivider: true },
    { title: 'Sent mail', leftIcon: 'send', onClick: () => { _t.nav.setRoot(Page1) } }

} }; ```

Menu item with a right icon:

{ title: 'Label', leftIcon: 'square-outline', rightIcon: 'ios-arrow-forward', onClick: () => { _t.nav.setRoot(Page1) } }

Menu item with a badge:

{ title: 'Label', leftIcon: 'square-outline', badge: { text: '3', color: 'secondary' }, onClick: () => { _t.nav.setRoot(Page1) } }

Menu item with a custom CSS class:

{ title: 'Label', leftIcon: 'square-outline', classes: 'my-custom-css-class', onClick: () => { _t.nav.setRoot(Page1) } }

Menu item selected:

{ isSelected: true, title: 'Label', leftIcon: 'bookmarks', onClick: () => { _t.nav.setRoot(Page1) } }

Menu divider without text:

{ isDivider: true }

Menu divider with text:

{ isDivider: true, title: 'Divider' }

Click on cover header:

header: { background: '#ccc url(./assets/menu_bg2.jpg) no-repeat top left / cover', picture: '', username: 'Iclic Labs - Google Keep Menu', email: '[email protected]', onClick: () => { alert('menu header clicked'); } }

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