Kommunicate : Human  Bot Hybrid Chat Plugin for Ionic

Kommunicate : Human Bot Hybrid Chat Plugin for Ionic

Live Chat and Chatbot Integration SDK for Customer Support




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About Kommunicate

Kommunicate.io is a Human + Bot hybrid customer support platform with live chat, chatbots integration, and FAQs. This plugin uses native UI screens and can be used for ionic projects. Kommunicate native SDK integration helps businesses to serve better to their customers and enables organizations to create complete live chat and bot solutions for their business

Learn more about Kommunicate: https://www.kommunicate.io

How to integrate Kommunicate SDK

Get detailed instructions to integrate, customize and use Kommunicate's Ionic SDK here.

Open source Kommunicate Cordova plugin is available at Github: https://github.com/Kommunicate-io/Kommunicate-Ionic-Cordova-Sample-App


  • Kommunicate offers simple plans that can be tailored to the needs of any business. More details

What can you do with Kommunicate?

Live Chat

  • Create custom and conditional Welcome Messages to and send it to your visitors automatically.
  • Always be present for customers even when your agents are offline by configuring Away Messages. -Greet your users automatically to drive conversations when they browse your website. -Set up interactive alerts for both your agents and customers for new messages in conversations -Get notified through email if you miss any messages from your users and vice versa.

Bot Integration

  • Automate, be available 24*7 and accelerate your support by integrating AI-powered bots.
  • Make custom bots for your business with our no-code, GUI bot builder powered by conversational AI.
  • Codeless-ly integrate popular bot-builder platforms such as Dialogflow and Amazon Lex.
  • Easily integrate custom-made bots or bots made on any popular third-party platform.
  • Automatically hand off the conversation to humans if the bot is unable to answer.

Customer support

  • Easily manage, reply and resolve your customer conversations using the Dashboard.
  • Automatically send the chat transcript of the conversation to your users and your teammates.
  • Measure and analyze customer satisfaction and feedback using Customer Satisfaction ratings.
  • Add Tags for better classification and categorization of your customer conversations.


  • Get a holistic view of your overall team performance using a robust reporting dashboard.
  • Analyze and act upon each agent’s performance using granular agent-wise reporting.
  • Analyze and improve the performance of your bots by using actionable bot reporting.
  • Get automatically generated weekly progress reports delivered straight to your inbox.

Third-party Integrations

  • Connect with over 2000+ apps and make your workflows using Zapier integration.
  • Connect your Facebook pages to read, reply and manage customer conversations from social media.
  • Add WhatsApp as a messaging channel for your chatbots and human teammates.
  • Manage your contacts well using most love CRMs such as Zendesk and AgileCRM.