LocalBitcoins Clone Script Provider

LocalBitcoins Clone Script Provider

Launch Your Own Crypto Exchange like LocalBitcoins with LocalBitcoins Clone Script


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LocalBitcoins Clone Script

It is a website clone script that consists of all the existing features and works as like LocalBitcoins Exchange. You can start your own bitcoin trading platform as like LocalBitcoins with LocalBitcoin Clone Script.

What is LocalBitcoins?

LocalBitcoins is the leading Peer to Peer Bitcoin trading platform with no KYC for buying and selling of bitcoins. LocalBitcoins works follow Escrow Concept for the trading of bitcoins on this platform. It also facilitates over-the-counter (OTC ) trading of local or fiat currency for bitcoins.

LocalBitcoins allows you to sell, buy and manage bitcoins on bitcoin wallet both in online and offline ie., hardware and software wallet storage available. Headquarters: Helsinki, Finland Founder: Jeremias Kangas Year: June 2012 Countries Supported: More than 248 countries including the United States.

How does LocalBitcoins Work?

Here let us have an overview on working of LocalBitcoins or the steps to be followed while trading on LocalBitcoins.

First of all, the seller has to create an online sell bitcoin advertisement which allows him/her to choose payment methods, set pricing and terms of the trade as a free message. The customers are able to open or send trade request from your sell advertisement, only when your localbitcoins wallet is funded with bitcoins. Thus next step after creating the advertisement is to fund your wallet with required bitcoins. When a customer/buyer opens a trade from your advertisement with you, then the required amount of Bitcoins for the trading process will be taken from your localbitcoins wallet to escrow automatically. Once the buyer has paid and pressed the I have paid button then you will be notified via e-mail, SMS and on the website through which the payment has been done. After your confirmation on receiving the payment, the bitcoins from the escrow moves to the localbitcoins wallet of the appropriate buyer. The final step allows both buyer and seller to place feedback. Hence, Feedback is important in order to gain the reputation of both buyer/seller and exchange platform too. What Bitdeal can afford?

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