Color Picker Mobiscroll

Color Picker Mobiscroll

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Levi Kovacs

Levi Kovacs

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Mobiscroll Color Picker

Provide a tailored experience across mobile, tablet and desktop

Works across web and hybrid apps.


  • Color select Single selection from a number of available preset colors.
  • Multiple select Free-form multiple select or fill up a count of colors if specified.
  • Select & Refine Select color and refine luminosity in real time.
  • Clear selection Let people quickly clear the selected value with a single tap.
  • Color preview Show the selected color in the input without requiring users to tap and open the control.
  • Vertical or horizontal swiping Navigate the list of colors wither by horizontally or vertically swiping.
  • Color presets Have a number of predefined colors the user can pick from.
  • Color formats Support multiple color formats, like HEX, RGB or HSL.
  • Localization Support multi-lingual apps and serve UI with the correct culture settings.
  • RTL Support Support right-to-left languages and rendering.
  • Cross platform Deliver great cross-platform web and hybrid apps with adaptable themes.
  • Fluid UX Provide a native-like experience with smooth animations and refined controls.
  • Theming Customize the look and feel of the UI to match your brand and app.
  • Display modes Show the controls in the appropriate way for the context. Top, bottom, center, inline and bubble modes available.
  • Event handlers Tap into the lifecycle of the UI control by writing custom event handlers.
  • Responsive Improve color selection on mobile, tablet and desktop with a single codebase.
  • Accessibility Support people with disabilities and right-to-left cultures with WAI-ARIA support, Section 508, and RTL rendering. Visit the website for all details and start a free trial

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