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Onymos Access

The easiest and fastest way to add customized login capabilities to your app. Select your preferred authentication methods in our Onymos Access component.

Versatile authenticationChoose from email and password-based authentication; social login with Apple, Facebook, and/or Google; or integration with your OAuth endpoint and/or leading OAuth providers. Onymos Access supports them all.

Full server-side support Onymos sets up and manages all server-side configuration for social logins and email- and password-based logins in the Onymos cloud or your own service. No more poring over documentation or scrambling when providers change their setup.

User data normalizationAll user profile attributes are normalized for easy usage within your app. For example, ‘givenName’ (Google), ‘first_name’ (Facebook), and ‘firstName’ (Apple) are all normalized into a single ‘firstName’ attribute.

OAuth 2.0 integrationGet the latest OAuth 2.0 support and integration with OAuth providers like Okta, PingID, and Azure Active Directory. Onymos seamlessly handles initial registration, token exchanges, token refreshes, and all related sign-in functionalities.

User interface

Prebuilt support for:

  • Login with social auth providers (Apple, Facebook, and Google)
  • Sign up/sign in with email/password
  • Reset password
  • Change password
  • OAuth integration
  • Complete UI source code to customize and extend the screens

Device-side functionality

  • Invocation of social auth providers’ login flow and UX flow for all scenarios
  • Secure transmission of email/ password credentials
  • Auto login with session maintenance
  • Seamless handling of refresh tokens

Server-side functionality

  • Complete server-side setup for Apple, Facebook, and Google logins (zero work required)
  • Complete server-side setup and maintenance for email/password login
  • Normalization of user authentication data across social providers, email/password, and leading OAuth providers
  • Storage of user authentication data and related analytics exposed through a uniform API
  • User admin UI and API access to manage your users

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