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Add Chat to your Ionic app, in minutes

Your Ionic app, be it a fun Chat app, a social food-delivery app, or a life-saving medical-app, can benefit immensely from your users being able to Chat with each other. Supporting Chat increases user engagement, app usage and makes your app really cool.

Experience the Chat Demo and check out its source code

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This plugin is one of the best solutions to integrate Chat support into a Hybrid app, literally within minutes. The plugin has several innovative technologies:

  • Message sync between devices at blazing fast speeds, with 99.9% of messages getting delivered in less than 400 milli-seconds
  • Encryption of chat messages that only the Sender and the Recipient will be able to decrypt and read


  • Extremely simple message thread management, with threads identified by the thread participants' info - No need to compute and manage threadIds

Benefits of using Onymos Chat

  1. Technological Innovations

    Simply put, we do the heavy-lifting so that you do not have to.

    Encryption technology that allows you as the app developer to optionally let messages to be read securely only by the sender and recipients of a message. This reduces your liability exposure to what is transacted in your app. This is an optional feature and if your business model does not require it, you do not need to use it.

  2. Time to Market

    Literally in minutes, apps have integrated Onymos Chat component. Few have even submitted their app to the app stores the same day. Apps have saved months of development effort and cost by using the Onymos Chat component.

  3. Periodic Updates & Technology refreshes

    Onymos Chat component is a monthly subscription that entitles you to regular updates as technology changes. Currently, our messages are transacted between the sender and recipients at less than 400 milliseconds. As technology improves, our backend infrastructure will be constantly updated to provide you the benefits so that you do not have to.

Get Started

Order a subscription of the Onymos Chat component here.

In your secure Account page you will find the link to the Ionic plugin of Onymos Chat component, as well as your license Keys for 2 environments (DEV and PRD).

  1. Install Onymos Chat component

    $ ionic plugin add /path/to/onymos-plugin-chat

  2. Initialize Onymos Chat component with your DEV or PRD keys, in your $ionicPlatform.ready function

    ```javascript var onymosConnectObj = null;

    onymosConnectObj = { customerId : '', // Obtain at Account > Info envType : '', onymosAuthToken : '' // Obtain at Account > Info };

    window.OnymosChat.onymosInitialize ( onymosConnectObj,

    function onymosInitializeSuccess (status) { console.log(status); },

    function onymosInitializeFailure (error) { console.log(error); }); ```

  3. Include a Send icon in your app html with an action to your sendMessage function

    <i class="icon ion-paper-airplane" onClick="sendMessage();"></i>

  4. Your sendMessage function can be as below, or you can explore the additional options documented here

    ```javascript function sendMessage() { window.OnymosChat.onymosChatSendMessage( , , ,

      function sendMessageSuccess (status) {
      function sendMessageFailure (error) {

    } /* end function sendMessage */ ```

  5. In the 'Chats list' or 'Message Center' page in your app, display a list of all Chats that the logged-in user is in.

    ```javascript function getList(userId) { window.OnymosChat.onymosChatGetList( ,

      function getListSuccess (listOfChatsArray) {
          /* ------
              listOfChatsArray[] = { // Array of Chat summaries
                  sender: <Sender object>,
                  recipients: <Array of Recipient objects>,
                  messageContent: <Last message content>,
                  messageCreated: <Last message creation time>,
                  messageOptionalData: <Last message optional data>
              }; ------ */
      function getListFailure (error) {

    } /* end function getList */ ```

    The listOfChatsArray provides the details of each of the Chat that the logged-in user is a participant of.

  6. Next, provide details of a particular Chat thread. You would display this content in response to the user clicking on a particular chat thread, from the list of Chats displayed above.

    ```javascript function getChatMessages(senderObject, arrayOfRecipientObjects) { window.OnymosChat.onymosChatGetMessages( , ,

      function getMessagesSuccess (messageObjectsArray) {
          /* ------
              messageObjectsArray[] = {
                  sender: <Sender object>,
                  recipients: <Array of Recipient objects>,
                  messageContent: <Message content>,
                  messageCreated: <Message creation time>,
                  messageOptionalData: <Message optional data>
              }; ------ */
      function getMessagesFailure (error) {

    } /* end function getChatMessages */ ```


Congratulations! Your app now supports Chat!

Please do check our documentation for more options that can tailor the Onymos Chat component to your particular use-case. You can make the onymosChatGetList and onymosChatGetMessages real-time by using their respective onymosChatListenForList and onymosChatListenForMessages functions.

Also, check out our Onymos Media Component for adding Photo/Video feature and Onymos Access Component for adding Access Management to your Ionic app.


If you have questions or comments, please use our Contact page, or email us at sales@onymos.com


  1. Onymos Chat component is priced by your usage of the high-performance message store. When your app's usage grows you can purchase higher tiers either on a Subscription basis or as a One-time purchase. We are working with Ionic Marketplace to allow for display of Subscription pricing.
  2. We do not have Ratings for our offering here because Ionic Marketplace allows for Ratings only when the Component is purchased via the Marketplace. Our subscription pricing limits us from selling here directly. We have excellent reviews from our customers, and would love to share them with you if you get in touch with us.
  3. If you are developing apps for others, and want to integrate our component into other apps, to save you development time and cost, we have special pricing on multiple license purchases.
  4. Onymos, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program, offers special pricing for students, educators, charitable organizations, and those with demonstrable need.