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Onymos Chat

Adding Chat to an app is deceptively complex. With Onymos Chat, we provide the message management and storage, and you make it shine.

Server side – included.Onymos handles all configuration required at any of the top cloud providers (AWS, Azure or GCP). Flexibility is key – either select zero-touch Onymos Hosting or just provide access and configuration parameters to use your own cloud provider account. Don’t spend time trying to follow pages of documentation only to spend more time on maintenance when the cloud providers change their setup and/or API.

Multi-cloud – included.Configure your Chat storage across multiple cloud providers. Your app can be configured to use one of the top cloud providers (AWS, Azure or GCP) for the message, and a different provider for Media or attachment to the Chat message. (Why, you might ask? Media requires less dynamic storage whereas faster, more dynamic storage are often priced differently by provider).

Four levels of message encryption

  • Device-specific encryption that only sender device and recipient device can decrypt messages
  • User-specific encryption that only particular user (on his/her devices) and recipients of a particular message can decrypt messages
  • Users & Super-user level encryption that respective Users of a chat and super-user (service admin or app developer) can decrypt messages
  • Encryption only in transit and storage but messages are generally accessible to all app users

Other Onymos integrations

  • Using Onymos Access, it’s easy to integrate user authentication with Chat to provide an integrated solution.
  • Onymos Media integration makes it easy to add videos and photos to messages.
  • When Onymos Notification is included, recipients can be notified when a message is sent, and chat threads can be ‘badged’ with the number of unread messages.

User interface

Prebuilt support for:

  • Chat Threads (list of Chats) page
  • Individual Chat page
  • Chat Compose page, including Users search
  • Infinite scroll with on-scroll load support for Chat messages

Device-side functionality

  • Active listening for new Chat threads & individual Chats
  • 4 different levels of encryption per App developer setup

Server-side functionality

  • Support for top-3 cloud providers – AWS, Azure and GCP
  • Support for multi-cloud environments for Chat messages – Messages in one Cloud, Media & Attachment objects in another Cloud
  • Support for Group Chats
  • Support for downloading configurable number of messages and subsequent downloads as required
  • Seamless integration with either Onymos Access component for user management or use of any other user management system

-Support for media attachment or any JSON object attachment

Ready to start using Chat in your app?