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Onymos Media

Managing images and videos in today’s mobile apps is time-consuming and thankless. The Onymos Media Component is the toolkit to make it easy.

Compression done rightOnymos Media component offers one of the best compression algorithms in the market for both photos and videos. Quality compromises are kept at the minimum when optimizing file sizes.

Consistency across devicesOnymos Media component handles various nuances of different devices – like sub-sampling issues on some older devices where image appears squeezed or have black-bands, orientation issues of landscape photo/video appearing in portrait style or vice-versa. The Onymos Media component also removes the issues when sharing photos and videos across iOS and Android devices – loss of quality, aspect ratio, etc.,

Server side – included.Onymos handles all configuration required at any of the top cloud providers (AWS, Azure or GCP). Flexibility is key – either select zero-touch Onymos Hosting or just provide access and configuration parameters to use your own cloud provider account. Don’t spend time trying to follow pages of documentation only to spend more time on maintenance when the cloud providers change their setup and/or API.

User interface

  • Integrated with native OS-specific UI for either Camera access or Photo/MediaLibrary access

Device-side functionality

  • Allows users to live-capture Photo or Video
  • Allows users to select Audio, Photo or Video from Photos/MediaLibrary, including Android’s various media folders
  • Option to store live-capture photo or video to device
  • Option to set maximum video live-capture time
  • On-device variable-level compression (1-100%)
  • On-device compression based on target-device factor (Mobile, Tablet or Desktop)
  • Compression levels to factor in native Photo or Video size based on device
  • Generate thumbnail for Photos and Videos
  • Fixes orientation issues across iOS and Android devices
  • On-device conversion of Photos and Videos to Base-64 format
  • Allow download of Photos and Videos from external locations, including follow-through of url re-direction at the source url

Server-side functionality

  • Upload of media to either Onymos Hosting or your own Cloud storage with AWS, Azure or GCP
  • Tag media with labels
  • Search media based on labels
  • Secure upload/download facility as supported by Cloud storage provider
  • Track upload progress, and optionally stop in-progress uploads
  • Support for Multi-part upload
  • Support for upload resiliency and upload resume on connection interruption

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