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An IONIC App Perfect for Magazines and Personal Blogs. The App is designed in such a way that it can be used on both Android and iOS platforms.

\\### App Demo Credentials

Username: test user
Password: 123456

\### Changelog & Update History

Version 3.0
24 June 2020

Update: Android-minSdkVersion 19 Update: android-targetSdkVersion 28 Update: android:usesCleartextTraffic fix Update: Cordova-android 7.1.4 Update: ionic_enable_lint: false, clean terminal Update: Admin auth setup Update: events update Update: admin auth setup: cs_ ck_ removed Update: FadeSplashScreen and AutoHideSplashScreen false Update: Better splash control Update: Unused imports cleanup Update: Singleton network service Update: Major refraction Update: Sign-in and sign-up flow improvements Update: Post comments: username, useremail fix Update: Moment adaptation, date format improve Update: Configurable social links in Navigation Update: Clean and easy config. Update: Support iOS 14 and Android 11

Version 2.3
4 October 2018

Fix: Wordpress plugin updated

Version 2.3
19 September 2018

Fix: Bug Fixes Fix: Easy to Setup

Version 2.2
30 August 2018

New: Login Skip New: Promt when Add Reaction Fix: Bug Fixes Fix: Performance Improvements

Version 2.1
19 April 2018

New: Reaction added in Post Detail page.

Version 2.0
15 March 2018

New: About page added. New: Contact page added. New: Comments support added. Fix: Reaction bug fixes. Fix: Home slider style improvements New: OneSignal integration for push notifications.

Version 1.2
20 Febuary 2018

New: Added User authentication New: Post Reactions feature added.

Version 1.1
30 January 2018

Fix: Library Versions fixed Fix: Image Path fixed

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