Get the latest and amazing Ionic 4 Full App. It is loaded with a large number of options, layouts, and functionalities. This is a complete app to get started with Ionic 4. The app contains variety of basic layouts and a number of advanced layouts such as Instagram, Tinder, Uber etc. All pages and components are made in a way so you can readily pick up the component and use it in your app. This makes app development a breeze. This Full App is guaranteed to cut down hundreds of you development hours.

Feature Comparison

Firebase Login/Signup
Firebase Storage/ uploads and CRUD operations
Chat screens - Variety of layouts
Chat lists - Variety of layouts
Uber map flow, Google Maps, Geolocation
Netflix and Instagram Layout
Walkthrough sliders
Listings - Variety of layouts
Side Menu - Variety of layouts
Sidemenu and Tabs Navigation
Cards - Variety of grid and list layouts
Categories, filters and Feeds
Image upload - Camera and Gallery
Login / Signup pages - Variety of layouts
Profile Layout
Video Playlist - Variety of layouts
Tinder Cards Layout
Multi-lingual - Globalisation
Multi-fonts - Assets and Google Fonts
Wordpress - Blogs, tags, author, images
Content Loader and Ionic content loader
Date Time pickers
Alerts, Action sheet, Ripple effect
Pull to refresh
Infinite Scroll
List Drag to reorder
Woo-commerce integration
Game framework integration - Phaser
Social Logins - Twitter, Facebook & more
Admob, Social Sharing
GOOGLE PLACES, In-app browser
Sweet alerts
Image Cropper
Bar-code and QR code scanning
Startup Pack

  1. Firebase Integration
  2. Chat screens - Variety of layouts
  3. Chat lists - Variety of layouts
  4. Uber map flow
  5. Instagram Layout
  6. Walkthrough Sliders
  7. Listings - Variety of layouts
  8. Side Menu - Variety of layouts
  9. Tabs, Segments and Sidemenu Navigation
  10. Cards - Variety of layouts
  11. Categories
  12. Feeds
  13. Login / Signup pages - Variety of layouts
  14. Profile Layout
  15. Video Playlist - Variety of layouts
  16. Toasts and other visual elements
  17. Usage of Services, Guards etc.
  18. Netflix Layout, Tinder Cards
  19. Wordpress Integration
  20. Multi-language translations
  21. Multi-fonts and Google fonts
  22. API Content loaders
  23. Ripple effect, alerts, Date pickers, filters
  24. Pull to refresh, infinite scroll, list reordering

Features in upcoming PRO version

  1. Woo-commerce integration for products, product detail etc
  2. GAME integration with Phaser
  3. Social Logins – Twitter, Facebook & more
  4. Image cropping
  5. Barcode scanner
  6. Sweet alerts
  7. AdMob
  8. In-app browser
  9. More layouts

Why Ionic 4

Ionic 4 gives a superior performance over previous versions as it is based on Angular 6, superior version of Angular. In addition, the code is modular by default in Ionic 4. Therefore, it can be rearranged to modify the app as per liking. Above all, it assures nearly bug-free builds on devices.