Event App and Maps

Event App and Maps

Awesome event app with Google Maps integration


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This is an addon starter template based on my ionic-starter-requirejs template for the Ionic Framework. It is a base event app with the usage of Google Maps (custom directive).

How to use this template

To use this, either create a new ionic project using the ionic node.js utility, or copy and paste this into an existing Cordova project.

Or use the files from ionic market: Go

It is a clean project without external dependencies!

Configuring the project

  1. go to the \www\app\controllers\ folder and open up the results.js with your favorite editor
  2. Edit the following line to include your Google API key:

javascript $scope.apiKey = 'YOUR_API_KEY_HERE';

Trying out the app

  1. Issue ionic serve in your shell to try out the app in your regular local browser
  2. Issue ionic run android / ios in your shell to try out the app in a real device

Example data

Finding something in the demo content: Type in 'Berlin', 'Ber', 'Sports' or 'Düsseldorf'


  • Handling possible backend-requests in services -> add your backend easy and fast!
  • mockdata
  • simulate backend connections with promises and timeouts -> you can check possible loading spinners and so on
  • simple and only a little bit scss styling
  • usage of ionRefresher, infiniteScroll, ionSpinner, Popups, Modals -> if you are new in ionic you can see all this in action
  • Custom little Google Maps directive to show map and markers (linked markers) -> no external library
  • open native maps app via detail page
  • open dialer for tel contact on detail page
  • open mail app for email contact on detail page
  • open browser for website on detail page
  • random images :)