Firebase Publisher Kit Ionic - Full Application with Firebase backend and Admin UI

Firebase Publisher Kit Ionic - Full Application with Firebase backend and Admin UI

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What's new in version 5:
Slide menu remains open on wide screens for both Publisher Mobile and Firebase Admin apps.

What's new in version 4:
Fixes and upgrade to Firebase 3.x for both of the apps in the kit.

What's new in version 3:
Fixes and update to Ionic 1.3 for both of the apps in the kit.

The Firebase Publisher Kit provides a complete solution in order to easily create, set-up and launch a mobile application supported by the powerful Firebase backend for creating and editing the content displayed on the mobile app without coding a single line.

The kit consists of two parts designed to work seamlessly with each other: Publisher Mobile and Publisher Admin, for Firebase.

Publisher Mobile is an article listing mobile application with embedded chat features based on the Ionic framework.

The Publisher Admin, for Firebase app is an administration panel assisting you to create and manage the content of your mobile application. Also, Publisher Admin, for Firebase can be used either as a mobile application or launched as a web app. ### In a nutshell

Your go-to toolset for creating, configuring and launching a mobile app to publish and manage your content and create a follower base. Minimal setup effort, no code required. ### Why choose Firebase Publisher Kit

  • No code knowledge or tech development required
  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Highly customizable structure, with modular architecture
  • Easy installation, detailed quick start guide
  • Easily maintainable data, via the flexible Admin app
  • Free updates: new features added constantly
  • One codebase compatible with Android and iOS
  • Quick and efficient Support

Feature request

Help us improve this app in a way that absolutely makes sense. Suggest the next feature you would like to see implemented. We are taking suggestions very seriously. Demo

Publisher Mobile

Android .APK

Preview on iOS and Android - Ionic View

  • Download the Ionic View app (
  • Use the App ID B14753DA

Publisher Admin, for Firebase

Android .APK

Preview on iOS and Android - Ionic View

  • Download the Ionic View app (
  • Use the App ID 6E6CE4A7

Preview as a web app

Note: Some features are not fully functional for preview on Ionic View. Especially, those that need to launch another application of the device such as “Find us” which launches device’s Google Maps application.

No coding is required to set and launch your mobile app

Firebase Publisher Kit is designed for people with little or no prior programming experience. You will be able to learn and master your app in minutes with no need to code. Publisher Mobile

Magazines and newspapers can built their own app and allow their readers to access instantly their content everywhere and anytime. ### Features

Article Listing

The Publisher Mobile app is a mobile application that lists articles. Readers can dig up articles that are collected in a list showing a thumbnail, a title and a brief introduction to the article. #### Article

Each article consists of multiple images presented as a slideshow, a title and text. Also, an average of readers ratings is displayed as stars as well as their comments on a particular article #### Sorting and Filtering

Users can search and view specific content. They can choose to sort the articles alphabetically in ascending or descending order according to their title. Also, users can filter the search results by the articles category as articles are categorized according to their subject. #### Rate and Comment

A five-star rating field accompanied with the reviewer’s full name and comment allows the article readers to submit their opinions about a specific article. Also, a timestamp is automatically created along with the creation of a comment which is also shown in the comments section under an article. #### Chat

Designed to help skyrocket engagement around your app, a multi-room chat feature enables the users to interact with each other and have a discussion about the articles or on any other topic. Firebase module is used for that. The real-time fully secure chat feature authenticates the user and offers a lot of features for an enjoyable chat experience. ### Publisher Admin, for Firebase

Publisher Admin, for Firebase is an application for publishers who want to create and edit the content of the Publisher Mobile app. In other words, it serves as the administration panel for Firebase, the content and service provider of the mobile application. #### Features

Complete management of data hosted on Firebase Publisher Admin, for Firebase provides a powerful and flexible solution for backend management, by integrating with Firebase. Firebase is the most powerful platform for managing your mobile or web application, through which you can power your app's backend, including data storage, user authentication, static hosting, and more. Using Publisher Admin, for Firebase you can leverage the power of Firebase end in order to create, edit/update and delete data from the Firebase database and make it readily available to the Publisher Mobile app. Real time data storage and synchronization enable you to dynamically treat and maintain easily the content of your mobile app without hassle.

Articles content

The entire content of an article can be managed from article’s title and text to its subject category and tags. Also, articles can be followed by a single or a set of images that are uploaded to Amazon S3 directly from the device. #### Double use as mobile app or web app

Publisher Admin, for Firebase is a fully featured web application based on the Ionic framework without any Cordova dependency allowing its use either as a mobile application or a web app. This means that you do not need necessarily a computer to access the administration panel. You can create a mobile application by using the same code base and manage everything in the convenience of your mobile device. The app can be packed and submitted to App Store and Google Play.

Flexible Data Management

Publisher Admin, for Firebase provides a user-friendly interface in order to create, read, update and delete any piece of data. Sometimes users need a flexible way to manage their data without interfering with the Firebase admin environment to create a user account and share a Firebase project. Additionally, using Publisher Admin, for Firebase, you can easily deal with all the difficulties associated with building the appropriate JSON data structure. Yeoman Ionic Framework Generator powered

The Yeoman Ionic Framework Generator combines the best practices and features for scaffolding a hybrid application. It makes building of a mobile app easy and quickly since Yeoman is integrated with Ionic Framework and Cordova plugin. The included Grunt build system optimizes and automates important tasks, further streamlining your workflow. Ionic design

The Firebase Publisher Kit is based on the UI elements that the Ionic Framework provides. Ionic Framework comes with a detailed and impressive CSS framework for layout styling. Furthermore, it handles header elements in a very similar way to existing libraries you may have used. Headers are available in many different default color options. Adding a footer element is as easy as adding a header. Moreover, Ionic comes with its own built in icon library , which contains practically everything you would ever need. Use Ionic’s UI components and they will give you a fully customised and functional UI. ### AppSeed

This is a product of AppSeed. Find out more by visiting our website or contact us via our support center

Change log

``` 5.0 - Oct 21, 2016 Publisher Mobile: - Slide menu remains open on tablets and wide screens Publisher Admin: - Upgrade to Firebase 3.x - Slide menu remains open on tablets and wide screens

4.0 - July 29, 2016 Publisher Mobile:


  • Upgrade to Firebase 3.x Publisher Admin:
  • Upgrade to Firebase 3.x
  • Downgrade of AWS SDK to 2.3

3.0 - May 05, 2016 Publisher Mobile:

  • Ionic update to v1.3.0
  • Fix of the ionic keyboard plugin id Publisher Admin:
  • Ionic update to v1.3.0
  • Fix of the ionic keyboard plugin id

2.0 - April 08, 2016 Publisher Mobile:

  • Style of the Article details screen is improved

1.0 - April 03, 2016

  • Initial Release