Firebase Authentication Starter with Facebook Login, User Profiles, Localization, Push Notifications, and more!


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Are you planning to create a mobile app with Ionic 4? Do you want to get started with your app right away? MINUS all the hassle that comes with authentication and user profiles? Then this is the starter for you!

Guaranteed no "bloatware" and just the "essentials" to get you started with your app in no time!

There are many great Ionic Starters out there, but they're HUGE, and too many features are packed into one! And usually, they're accompanied with NO documentation whatsoever. It takes more time to figure out how everything works, if you can even get it to work.

My core belief is that you'll accelerate your app development by only providing the things you really NEED, minus all the other unnecessary features. Having said that, I made sure that this starter comes with an in-depth documentation to guide you in all aspects: from installation, structure, customisation, to FAQS. Still not convinced? You may view the in-depth documentation here

Firestarter 4 is based on the highly acclaimed Ionic Firebase Starter, Firestarter. Here's what people have to say about it:

"I purchased this starter and have to say that I saved a lot of development days. But that's not all, the code is really clean and is full of very good practices. Also, it includes some helpers like alert, toast, etc; so I don't have to write that code again. I really have learned so much reading your code and I just can say, Congratulations and Thanks! You have done a really impressive work." -Fernando

This Starter comes with:

  1. Firebase and Firestore Integration
  2. Beautiful UI and UX
  3. User Authentication (Sign up, Sign in, Sign out)
  4. User Profiles (Create profile, Update profile)
  5. Push Notifications with FCM
  6. i18n Localization with ngx-translate
  7. SCSS Customization
  8. Custom Components
  9. Various Helper Services
  10. Great Documentation