Full Starter App 3

Full Starter App 3

Amazing app starter with Loopback Server, Mongo db, Angular 5 and Ionic 3


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### Ionic Full Starter App

The template, like its popular predecessors is elegantly designed through the enter app. Like any social app template, this app keeps its users connected to their friends, make more friends and chat. Intergrates with some of the popular native device plugins like camera, geolocation, image picker, facebook, google, native storage, social sharing etc.

Loopback is a flexible node.js framework that can spawn up server side applications in minutes, with very little to no code added. Coupled up with this template, developers can build apps with server side interaction easily! Loopback supports user authentication and authorization, data persistence to various database vendors like mongodb, mssql, mysql etc, email, real time server communication and so much more.

Try out the app here
Watch App Video here
  • Developed by Ezy Apps, formally Ioncity Themes
  • Version 1.0.0
  • Connection to Server hosted by Heroku here

  1. open path to project in terminal
  2. Run ionic serve
  3. Follow prompts to start npm install to install all dependencies
  4. Run the app, usually on default ionic host unless otherwise specified

Connect to server

Configuration data to connect to server and to third party endpoint can be found in src/app/main.ts.

javascript export const CONFIG = { BASE_URL: 'http://localhost:3000', API_VERSION: 'api', GOOGLE_API_KEY: 'change me', GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID: 'change me', FACEBOOK_KEY: 'change me', };

where BASEURL_ is the url where the server is running, APIVERSION_ is the restApiRoot configured in config.json of your loopback project.


  • Email and Password Authentication
  • Data persistence to db of choice
  • Send emails from server
  • Camera Image Upload
  • Multi Image selection upload
  • Realtime chat
  • Image Preview
  • Image Lazy loader
  • Facebook Login Native Integration
  • Google Login Native Integration
  • Google Maps
  • Geolocation
  • Social Sharing
  • Custom Image Slider
  • Call Number
  • In App Browser
  • Native Storage
  • Show/Hide password field
  • Keyboard Attach
  • Elastic textarea
  • Pin number component
  • Color selector Popover
  • Monthly View Calendar
  • Custom Search
  • Font Awesome and Simple Line Icons
  • Custom Validation with ng2-validation
  • Over 20 Screens, components and designs

Pages and Screens

  • Walkthrough
  • Intro Page
    • Login
    • Sign up
    • Password reset
    • Verify account
  • Dashboard
    • Charts
    • Map
    • Calendar
      • Add Event
  • Feed (4 designs)
    • View Post
    • Add Post
    • Comment
  • People
  • Profile
    • Edit
  • Chat
    • Contact
    • Messages
  • Settings