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ion-monkey is a collection of middle ware layer called Monkey module and Advanced Command Line Interface for generating, adding and removing component modules, page modules and providers together and Extended UI Components that are ready to use.

Link to full tutorial is here


ion-monkey cli

We provide a command line interface that leverages your development time. It helps you install monkey module, localization, extended UI+, register modules or providers to a module or page controller and much more...

  • Go to monkey-cli directory: cd monkey-cli
  • Install project dependencies: npm install
  • Register monkey-cli as a global command: npm link
  • The installation is successful if you type following command and see version number: ion-monkey -vAt this time, ion-monkey version is 1.0

You can visit our channel on Youtube here: ion-monkey channel on Youtube

Command Help

You don't have to remember all commands. Just ask ion-monkey cli for them.

  • Type help to see all commands: ion-monkey help
  • Or to see a single command: ion-monkey help [command]

Monkey module Registration

It is very simple to start your project with ion-monkey:

  • Create new ionic project (forget this step if you already have one): ionic start yourApp tabs
  • Go to project directory: cd yourApp
  • Install monkey into your project: ion-monkey install
  • If you plan to integrate Firebase, use this command instead: ion-monkey install -firebase
  • Start your project: ionic serve -l

Source Generator


Though ionic cli is very useful, it lacks some aspects to speed up development time:

  • Generating providers with RESTful APIs
  • Generating page modules
  • Sewing components and providers to pages
  • Generating mock data

Some command examples:

  • Generating a provider to get user profile: ion-monkey g provider user-info -url=users/{id:number} -method=get -loader -toast
  • Generating user profile page and adding provider to it: ion-monkey g page user-info -provider=user-info -as=user
  • Generating a provider to delete a user with DELETE HTTP method: ion-monkey g provider user-remove -url=users/{id} -method=delete -loader -toast
  • Generating a provider to save new user profile with POST HTTP method: ion-monkey g provider user-creation -url=users -method=post -loader -toast
  • Generating a provider to update user profile with PUT HTTP method: ion-monkey g provider user-creation -url=users -method=put -loader -toast
  • Generating a provider for a search API that is GET HTTP method: ion-monkey g provider <name> -url=<api_url> -method=search -handler=<name-of-handler> [-loader] [-toast]

There are some built-in handlers that support pagination such as facebook, laravel, wordpress, simple. You don't have to handle pagination youself, leave it to monkey module & ion-monkey cli.

Notice: -loader is option to show overlay and loading icon; -toast is option to show success or error message


ion-monkey provides a Locale Service that handle locale JSON files. Only one active locale file is stored in memory at a time. For example, user can switch between English and Chinese and Indonesian...

  • There are some built-in locale files that are ready to use. To import a built-in locale file, use this command: ion-monkey i locale <language-code>
  • For example, import an English locale file: ion-monkey i locale en
  • import a Chinese locale file: ion-monkey i locale zh
  • import an Bahasa Indonesia locale file: ion-monkey i locale id

List of built-in locale files

  • ar Arabic - العَرَبِيَّة‎
  • de German - Deutsch
  • en English
  • es Spanish - Español
  • fr French - Français
  • id Indonesian - Bahasa Indonesia
  • it Italian - Italiano
  • ja Japanese - 日本語
  • ko Korean - 조선말/한국어
  • pt Portuguese - Português
  • ru Russian - Русский
  • th Thai - ภาษาไทย
  • vi Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt
  • zh-cn Chinese - 汉语


ion-monkey can call Google Translate service to translate one or multiple locale files. It saves us alot of time and we just stay focus on development. Of course, locale files can be improved and corrected whenever we want. This command will translate both Chinese and Japanese locale files if they contain non Chinese and Japanese words: ion-monkey locale translate zh-cn,ja. Creating new locale files is simple. Just copy and paste en.json or another locale file to new one. Name it by a language code that is on the Google Translate Docs here ( Then run ion-monkey locale translate new-language command to translate it.

You can also add/remove texts in locale files easily with ion-monkey cli. See more in tutorial document within the zip file.

Local Database

A wrapper of localStorage with common manipulating functions.


Store faked data for API tests under assets/mock directory. It's useful when APIs are not ready or to package a demo for clients or product owner.


There are some themes that are ready to get started with.

  • Import a theme to your project: ion-monkey i theme theme-name
  • List of theme names: brick, dark-orange, pink, purple, std (default theme when installing monkey module to your project)

Extended UI components

See above screen shots for main onces: audio player and video player (based on, chat list, post/comment list, timeline, masonry-grid (based on and more...


We provide some demo projects as well:

  • flowershop-app: An app for a flower shop that shows you how Masonry grid and monkey database work
  • quiz-app: A quiz app that includes some surveys and test samples with localization
  • test-app: Test monkey module, localization and some extended UI+. A lot examples that guide you how to use monkey module, localization and UI+.


We provide 2 types of License

  • For single developer license, please payout at here for 28 USD.
  • If you have a team with multiple members, it's cheaper to payout ion-monkey (Extended License) at here for 200 USD.

Thank you for using our product!