ionFullApp Social 9Chat HeyU - Firebase PRO

ionFullApp Social 9Chat HeyU - Firebase PRO

9Chat HeyU - Firebase PRO is Professional Starter App for chat and group chat with nice design and easy to change to what you need. It's also support Push Notification in both Android iOS, integrated with 9 ChatBot API AI, and now support Firebase Phone Authentication.


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ionFullApp Social 9Chat HeyU - Firebase PRO

If you have any payment problem please:

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9Chat HeyU

9Chat HeyU is a Nice ionFullApp Ionic2 Social Chat and Group Chat starter app, design for easy to customize and ready to use. It integrated with latest backend Firebase (5.0.0), support Firebase Phone Authentication, support 9 ChatBot with API AI, Push Notification with FCM & APNS for both Android and iOS. All ready to use, you just create Firebase App and update neccessary information, and everything will run smoothly.

json { "author": "\"[email protected]\"", "firebaseServerKey": "\"AAAAAZpp5uo:XXXXXXXXXXX\"", "push": { "android": "\"\"", "ios": "\"\"" }, "FIREBASE_CONFIG": { "apiKey": "\"AIzaSyCHcRemwpqLnW7f28m-XXXXXXXXX\"", "authDomain": "\"\"", "databaseURL": "\"\"", "projectId": "\"chat9-XXXXX\"", "storageBucket": "\"\"", "messagingSenderId": "\"68855XXXXX\"" } }

And it also contains many useful elements like Styled Tabbar, Full Group Chat Function, Gradient Buttons & Background styles, etc and full styled with Flexbox. You can easy to change color style and images to adapt with what your social chat or company/department group chat. Easy to put the data to view with model. It's the best Starter App for your social chat, chat group app and ChatOps Team App in ionic 2 market you can find.

You can easy change app title, content, theme colors to meet your team desert requirements:

```javascript export let APPTITLE = 'Hey U'; export let APPSOLOGAN = 'Let chat your way'; ... $colors: ( primary: #d90647, secondary: #eb402c, ... );


About me

My name is Quang Anh. I'm a full stack developer (NodeJS + frontend). View my apps at:

You can chat with 9 ChatBot or chat direct with me with that App in the link below


  1. Splash
  2. Signup
  3. Signin
  4. Messages
  5. Groups
  6. Conversation
  7. Group Conversation
  8. Chat Bot
  9. Contacts
  10. Profile
  11. Contact Preference
  12. Style Start Converstaion
  13. Group Edit
  14. Group Search
  15. Contact Filter
  16. Messages Search
  17. Android Push
  18. iOS Push
  19. Signin with Phone Number
  20. Confirmation Code

Test before you buy

You can test the Android app using this links:


signin with phonephone confirm codesigninsignupmessagesgroupsconversationchat botgroup conversationcontactsprofilepreferencestartgroup editgroup searchcontact filtermessages searchandroid pushios push


  • Full ionic2 source code (you may compile it to any platform, as you wish + change the source)
  • Full source code APNs Push API
  • User guide (how to setup firebase, push notifications, etc)
  • Life full maintain & upgrade

User Guide


  • 26th Nov 2017: Update details:
    1. Update Ionic 3.9.2.
    2. Improve chat function.
    3. Add new Phone Signin.
  • 26th Sep 2017: Update details:
    1. Update Ionic 3.6.0.
    2. Change push service to Firebase to get 1M push message free per month (cordova-plugin-firebase).
    3. Improve performance, list filters.
    4. Change Groups Management, only show group owned or joined by user.
    5. Improve Online/Offline user functionality.
    6. New database structure for faster data processing.
  • 26th Jul 2017: Update and Republish
  • 06th Jun 2017: Update faster images cache. Fix online users count & signup messages thanks (Daniele Vassalli for your kind help)
  • 05th Jun 2017: Update for Android >= 4.3 and < 5.0
  • 03rd Jun 2017: Update User guide
  • 02nd Jun 2017: Publish (Ionic v3, Firebase 4.0)

Thanks Symu Team for inspired design