Ionic 3 Backand Starter

Ionic 3 Backand Starter

Simple Ionic 3 Starter with a Backend powered by Backand


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Backand Ionic 3 Starter

Create a mobile application with ionic and backand. NOTE: Compatible with Ionic 3.19.0

Due to recent changes of Ionic CLI it does no support creating an app from a GitHub repo. Hence, you will need to clone or download these starter and use the src and www folderd.

Running the app

  • Create an Ionic app:

    bash $ ionic start mynewapp blank $ cd mynewapp

  • Replace folders from this starter:
  • src
  • www
  • Install dependencies:

    bash $ npm i -S @backand/angular2-sdk @types/node @types/ ionic-native

  • Install Cordova Plugins

    bash $ ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-inappbrowser

  • Run the app

    bash $ ionic serve

  • In order to run the app on another platform (Android/iOS):

    bash $ ionic cordova platform add <platform> $ ionic cordova run <platform>

Setting up your own Backand application

If you want to customize the data model, or change how authentication takes place, follow these steps:

  • Create a free personal application at
  • Change the app's parameters (/src/app/app.component.ts) in the init function with your new app parameters:

    javascript backand.init({ appName: 'your app name', signUpToken: 'your signup token', anonymousToken: 'your anonymousToken token', runSocket: true, mobilePlatform: 'ionic' });

  • Delete the starter content, and begin writing your app!

Review our Angular 2 SDK to get started - angular2-sdk.

In App Social Login

In App social login is intended to use the native social SDK of Faceboook or Google. For Google this is due to recent restrictions in Google that prevent using the Signup with Google through web views.

In the signup screen we label this functionality as In App Social


Install Ionic Native Google Plus plugin


Install Ionic Native Facebook plugin

Ionic Web App for Facebook Sharing

When an Ionic web app is shared in Facebook feed, the usual Backand social signup with Facebook will not work.

  1. Detect this case in your code with:

    function isFacebookApp() {

    var ua = navigator.userAgent || navigator.vendor || window.opera; return (ua.indexOf("FBAN") > -1) || (ua.indexOf("FBAV") > -1);


  2. Install ngx-facebook:

    npm install ngx-facebook --save

  3. Use the code labeled Social Web in signup screen.