Ionic Chat app with Firebase

Ionic Chat app with Firebase

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Ionic Chat App with Firebase Backend

Do you want to build chat app using ionic and firebase backend? Don't waste your time by building it from scratch. we have built a complete chat app for you. why don't you look into it? Get at =>: Ionic Chat app with Firebase.

Supported Platform:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web

! important: Please visit for latest screenshot & features.

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App Features

  • Authentication:
  • Email Authentication
  • Social Authentication
    • Facebook Login
    • Google+ login
  • Phone Number Authentication using AccountKit

Chat features:

  • 1:1 Individual Chat
  • Group Chat
  • Messages Type: (Available for both 1:1 chat and group chat)
  • Text message
  • Share Images from Camera and Gallery
  • Share Videos from Camera
  • Share Current location with Google Maps direction link
  • Share Contacts
  • Emoji supported
  • Group Chat Features
  • Create a new group
  • Add / remove person
  • Manage group profile picture and descriptions
  • Friend Requesting System:
  • Send & Receive a new friend request
  • Accept / Reject requests
  • Block user
  • Search New Friends (location, age-wise)

  • Other Features:

  • Realtime live chat
  • Push Notification using Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) and Firebase Cloud Functions (FCF)
  • Manage User Profile such as upload profile pic, name email edit.. etc
  • Manage Online / offline Presence
  • Enable & Disable push notifications
  • Manage Block List

Technologies used

  • Ionic 4 for Front end & Firebase as backend
  • Firebase Realtime Database – To store chat data
  • Firebase Cloud Storage – To store media like images, video
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging Service – For sending push notification for Android & iOS
  • Firebase Cloud Functions – Automatic triggers

Frequently Asked Question

Is that just template ?

No, it’s not a just template, it’s a fully functional ionic chat app with firebase backend

What I’ll get after purchase?Source code (src folder, config.xml, package.json) & Firebase Cloud Function

Do you provide documentation?Yes, we do have to provide documentation for setup. you can find a link inside documentation.txt file

Do I need technical knowledge?We have provided documentation for doing the setup. However, You at least need basic knowledge in ionic and firebase for doing setup and customization. If not, you can hire me (20USD/hour) for doing the setup on your machine with additional charges.

Does this app have audio/video call?No, We don’t have those features yet.

How long you provide support?You’ll get lifetime free updates

Do you provide a refund?We do refund if you are facing any technical problem and we are not able to solve that technical problem in the first 14 days of your purchase.