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If you need to check location while the app is suspended check: Ionic Geolocation with Background Location

A barebone ionic geolocation application for iOS and Android that reads your phone gps location and displays it. It's all you need to get started on your location based application. I know you can figure it out on your own, but this will save you time, especially when you get stuck :)

I am updating the location and speed every second, you can change this to what you need. I haven't had any luck with using cordova watchPosition so I am doing my own polling here. Speed is displayed in Meters per second. You can now check if Location Service is disabled for your app.

After you install ionic you have to install cordova geolocation plugin.

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  • All of the geolocation logic is contained in 'Geolocation' service in services.js
  • Two things you can modify in services are the handling of errors and geolocation options

    ``` var options = { enableHighAccuracy: true, // USE HIGH ACCURACY timeout: 15000, // HOW LONG TO WAIT FOR A RESPONSE maximumAge: 0 // SET TO ZERO SO NEW VALUES ARE ALWAYS RETURNED };

    function showError(error) { console.log('Unable to get the location.'); // LOG ERRORS } ```

  • DashCtrl controller in controllers.js is used to display the values from geolocation service
  • Data is displayed in tab-dash.html
  • Changes to the values are wrapped in $scope.$apply(function () { } to enable data binding
  • Geolocation data is obtained by calling Geolocation.checkLocation(callback), this function takes a function as parameter to return the value
  • You can change the 1000 (1 second) interval polling on this line:
  • setInterval( function(){ Geolocation.checkLocation( $scope.callback ); }, 1000);
  • Call Geolocation.isGPSEnabled() to see if Location Service is enabled
  • Geolocation.getPosition() returns a result array
  • return new Array(latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, GPSEnabled); where you can check the last element to see if GPS is enabled.


Install Ionic

Open zipped folder in terminal

  • go to the project folder
  • Install Ionic sudo npm install -g ionic
  • ionic platform add ios
  • ionic platform add android
  • cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-geolocation
  • ionic emulate ios
  • ionic run android (use run if you use genymotion)
  • the app will ask you to share your location
  • If you are using an emulator you will have to trigger the location manually

Background Location

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