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Ionic Stripe Shop

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** Firebase V3 - This version is currently not compatible with Firebase v3. Feel free to try out the Advanced Edition instead (supports Firebase v3) **

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The Ionic Stripe Shop is the complete solution to start your own eCommerce app or webshop today. It contains everything you need to sell your products immediately and receive payments on your account. It also comes with a complete Admin Management part that can be used by non-developers to manage the content of the app.

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You might be also interested in Ionic Shop - Advanced Edition, which includes additional features such as inventory management, ratings, comments, attributes, and more. Note, the Ionic Shop (Advanced Edition) is rebuilt from scratch and has a different back-end setup. In that sense, it is not a follow up on this product, while the name may imply. Have a look here

This eCommerce template utilizes powerful tools and is crafted using best practices. It leverages on the speed of Google's Firebase ( for the database needs, and on the power of Stripe ( to process your payments to your account immediately.

The package is split in two parts that work together but that can be also used individually. In this way the package remains flexible to multiple or alternative needs. Each part comes with an easy but extensive documentation to guide you through the setup.

Complete Setup Services for Non-Developers

If you are not a developer but would still like to use this package, then we also offer a Quick-Start Service. One of our developers will setup this package for you and guide you through the process. We also offer personal customizations (i.e. design and functionalities). If you are interested, feel free to reach out to us on [[email protected]](mailto:%[email protected]).

Try before you buy

You can try the Ionic-App Part by downloading Ionic View ( Then sign in and use the following app ID to fetch a preview of the app: 7721490E.

Part 1: Ionic App

The Ionic App is the client-side of your app which you can publish on the Apple's App Store or Androids Play Store.

Functionalities include:

  • Browse products by category (browsing is optimized by using noSQL and compound indices)
  • Sort products based on Price (high-low and low-high) or Date
  • Add or remove products to the Shopping Cart
  • Place an order for the current Cart
  • Pay with Credit Card for the items. Earnings are directly transferred to your Stripe Account
  • Validate the Credit Card input with Stripe Checkout
  • Easy customizable design with Ionic
  • Sign-up using E-mail or Password (social login is also possible upon request)
  • Manage your account
  • View past orders

For the developer:

  • Written in AngularJS
  • Front-end leverages on the powerful Ionic Framework
  • Database hosted on Firebase
  • Payments are processed through Stripe

The design and components can be easily customized using Ionic directives. You can find all the info needed in the Ionic Documentation (

Part 2: Stripe Payment API and Noodlio Pay

To process your payments, we make use of the Stripe payment gateway to transfer your earnings with no delay. Since we are leveraging on the power of the Noodlio Pay API, you don't need to setup this part or host it on a costly VPS like Heroku or Cloud9. We have already taken care of this for you. By acquiring this template, you are also eligible to all updates of the payment API.

Essentially, Noodlio Pay replaces your server-side, saving you the time to learn a new server language, test, validate and so on the server-side for your payments. In other words, it's hassle-free payment!

Part 3: Admin Panel to Manage Products

The third part consists of an Admin Interface. The interface is designed such that anyone without coding experience can use it to manage the products that are displayed in the Ionic app.

Functionalities include:

  • Add or delete products
  • Manage the categories and products
  • Upload and edit screenshots (customizable dimensions)
  • View past order details and sales
  • Markdown support coming in next update (free)
  • Changes are reflected in the Ionic App in real-time.

For the developer:

  • Written in AngularJS
  • Database hosted on Firebase


You can read the latest documentation in this repository


If you have questions or remarks, please let me know by either typing a comment on this site, or by e-mailing me to: [[email protected]](mailto:%[email protected])

Have fun!


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