Ionic Wordpress RESTAPI wpIonicApp V1.0 - News  Magazine  Blogs

Ionic Wordpress RESTAPI wpIonicApp V1.0 - News Magazine Blogs

Enter the new age of converting your News Website, Magazine Website, and Blogs into Smart Mobile Apps


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This App helps you in easily converting News Website, or Magazine Website, or Blogs in to Smart Mobile Apps. The App has been built using the cutting edge latest technology of Ionic Framework. Ionic is an open source front end SDK which can give a smart look, feel, and appearance for the Mobile App, along with an excellent UI interaction. Using Ionic, you can build beautiful hybrid Mobile App with HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript.

All you need is just some plugins to your WordPress site. In not time you will have a mobile app for it. All that it takes is just your website URL. Your website will be converted into beautiful Mobile Apps instantly. It has a wide range of components, plugins and themes which can help you build your dream Mobile App.

The app uses SASS, which basically is CSS with super powers. Each component has its dedicated sass files and partials well structured with independent variables which provides you with complete modularity, flexibility and customizability.

Ionic framework is an open source front-end SDK for developing awesome hybrid mobile apps with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Ionic is focused mainly on the look and feel, and UI interaction of your app. Cordova is a platform to build Native Mobile Applications using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

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