Junk haul is a freecycle starter template built with the latest versions of ionic and angular


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Junkhaul App

see demo here | | see complete product description here

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Junk haul is a starter template for hybrid mobile app built with the latest versions of ionic and angular. The app uses data from trashnothing to display posts (mocking real data that could potentially be used in the same way) and firebase to handle data persistence, authentication and file storage.

Framework and Plugins

  • Firebase
    • Authentication
    • Database (Cloud Firestore)
    • Storage
  • Ionic 4 with Angular 8
  • Cordova
    • EmailComposer,
    • Geolocation,
    • StatusBar,
    • SplashScreen,
    • ImagePicker,
    • SocialSharing,
    • Camera
  • TrashNothing Api

Firebase Setup

  • create a firebase account and login to the console, here
  • click on start new project and enter a project name.
  • click on the web icon </> icon under 'Get started by adding Firebase to your app' section.
  • register a new app by entering app nickname, ignore firebase hosting for now and click the register app button.
  • copy ther parameters from add firebase sdk section into the environments file within the app (located at src/environments/enviroment.ts)
  • one done navigate to project dashboard. select authentication to setup authentication method.
  • the app uses Email/Password, facebook and google out of the box, but you can add or remove as you please.
  • set up Database by selecting the database link in the left menu under develop.
  • click create database, use Start in test mode for now as app uses test mode but you can update to suit your preference.
  • set up Storage by selecting the database link in the left menu under develop.
  • click get started, and then got it.
  • remember to disable any security rules while in dev mode.

Angular setup

check out the setup here


  • Walkthrough Page
  • Auth Page
    • Sign Up
    • Sign In
  • Home (Post List page)
    • Post Detail Page
    • Share modal
    • Report modal
    • Filter Post List modal
    • Post Interest modal
  • Search Page
  • Profile Page
  • Profile Edit Page
  • Settings Page

Trash Nothing SDK

Trashnothing provides an angular sdk with models and services that makes accessing their data easy giving that a valid api-key is supplied. Get an pi-key here