Lets Chat

Lets Chat

Amazing messenger app starter with Firebase, Angular 5 and Ionic 3


Lets chat is a simple and light weight and versatile messenger app built with latest versions of Angular and Ionic and uses firebase to persist data. Slick designs are inspired by Chat App UI KitThe app allows a user to sign up or login with an existing account, search through available contacts on the db and start a conversation with a selected contact. Some contacts are dummy and therefore an auto reply function is used to set the contacts to reply to your chat with random messages. this can be disabled from within the app or via code. Users can see and edit thier profiles and settings and can also see profiles of other contacts using the app.

Demo here 605e1ba2

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Features & pages

  • Conversations
  • Contacts
  • Chat
  • Profile
  • Settings
  • Intro
  • image url/style Sanitizer pipe
  • simple line icons
  • elastic textarea directive
  • keyboard-attach