Limitless - Ionic 3  Spring Boot App

Limitless - Ionic 3 Spring Boot App

Full Ionic 3 application integrated with Spring Boot server




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Fully functional Ionic 3 App with Spring Boot Server. This is full Ionic 3 application. User can search supported towns and see all the locations for selected town. Once selected, user can add place location to his own location guide and start to visit them. Also, there are predefined routes, profile management, information screen, search etc. Application is using various Ionic 3 native plugins i.e. background geolocation, push, camera, storage, streaming media etc. Application is broke down into lazy loaded modules. Also, user can change languages using i18n translation(ngx translate). Security is fully implemented in Spring and it is corresponded for login and register. Moreover, all the routes are protected and whole application is communicate with server using REST API.


  • Ionic 3 + Spring boot fully working application
  • Search supproted towns or places
  • Push notifications
  • Camera plugin for changing picture (integrated with Cloudinary service)
  • Transfer and File Ionic native plugins for sending pictures to the server
  • Background location plugin - user is sending its location to the server and server search for nearest locations
  • If user is near special location, and app is turned off, Push notification will come to the phone
  • i18n translation using ngx-translate service - currently you can choose between two languages (Croatian and English) inside of profile page
  • Server integration with local MySQL database
  • Provided database for current settings
  • Adding current place into own route or using predefined routes
  • Using direction renderer and distance matrix service from Google Maps JS API
  • Native geolocation
  • Lazy loading
  • Spring security

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Upcoming Features

  • Password reset button
  • Facebook login