Newsic - Ionic Mobile Application for Wordpress

Newsic - Ionic Mobile Application for Wordpress

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Newsic is the mobile application Wordpress website, with extremely interesting functions. And you don't need programming skills, because we did everything. So just follow the simple instructions to create beautiful app for your website quickly.

Most notably, in addition to working perfectly with Wordpress website. We have optimized it!

As a result you will have a mobile application Wordpress website very fast. And there are special native functions like show Ads make money track Google Analytics, Share & Rate app, Login with Facebook, deeplinks...

In addition, you can request a demo free for your website here


Challenge Mobile Application WordpressFirst Of All Try Before You Buy

Benefit Of Mobile Application Wordpress

  • Build application WordPress for most of all platforms Android, iOS, PWA,…
  • Contect to any WordPress news website, any themes, any plugins,…
  • Mobile application WordPress website available to every country, everyone, any languages, RTL support,…
  • Ionic Easy to customize. Build application WordPress website no code knowledge required.
  • While detailed documentation, step-by-step with images and videos. So anyone can create mobile application.
  • Perfect Optimizer WordPress, also Mobile Smart Cache Support. Only 7kb data per 10 posts.

Benefit Of Our Customers

  • The most quality products, latest technology, lifetime updates.
  • Professional Support, Quick Support. And we can support all your question.
  • We always listen to your ideas, it's a good idea that we can integrate into the product.
  • Keep in mind that we can customize everything.

Features List

  • Application Wordpress built with Ionic 3, latest technology.
  • Connect to any Wordpress website optimized, speed up Wordpress application smoothly.
  • Intelligent cache system that saves mobile data, load Wordpress content quickly.
  • Moreover Login with Facebook Wordpress, and Sign in/Sign Up Wordpress on application.
  • Full support for Detail post with comments, play media, view image and all the other functions of Wordpress
  • Update Avatar and Profile Wordpress from Ionic.
  • Ionic UI Components and Cordova Plugin & Ionic Native that make adding any native functionality you need to your Ionic mobile app for Wordpress easy.
  • ****Especially Newsic using** SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets),** allow you to fast customize our themes, even make new same another application.
  • Intelligent push notifications, follow categories Wordpress allows you to send notifications to the users.
  • Wordpress Google Analytics Monitor, analyze user behavior, correct approach.
  • Bookmark read offline Optimize Wordpress.
  • Mobile app Get page list from Wordpress website.
  • Pull to refresh, drag the screen down to reload the data.
  • Infinite Scrolling load data Wordpress when user scroll to the bottom.
  • Furthermore integrated Google Admob banner ads, interstitial and native ads.


  • First, buy this product get the project file.
  • Then extract project, view the document with web browser and perform step-by-step.
  • If it is difficult, please create a ticket at
  • Enjoy!


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