Publish ready Ionic-2 app with Plugins and integrated backend infrastructure

Publish ready Ionic-2 app with Plugins and integrated backend infrastructure

3 hours to build and publish v1 of your app!




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Onymos Fabric for Ionic

Onymos Fabric is now available on Ionic Framework!

Onymos Fabric that lets you build and publish your mobile app's version-1 in three hours, is now available on Ionic Framework. You get the simplicity of Ionic Framework and the comprehensiveness of Onymos Fabric in a single offering.

Create & Publish v1 of your app in 3 hours!

Within 3 hours, following simple step-by-step instructions, you can have your app's version-1 submitted to Apple Appstore and Google Playstore.

What can your app's v1 do?

Check out Onymos Fabric iOS Demo app at Apple Appstore.

Check out Onymos Fabric Android Demo app at Google Playstore.

Your app's version-1 will support your app users login using Facebook, Google or Twitter. Once logged-in your app users can Chat with each other sharing Photos and Videos. Your app users can access their Contacts/AddressBook and Invite more users to your app via SMS or Email.

What's included?

All individual Onymos Components (Access, Chat, Contacts, Media, Monitoring, Notifications, Security) are all included with the purchase of Onymos Fabric. You do not have to buy them separately. If you already have a mobile app, built without Onymos Fabric, then you can buy the individual Onymos components to augment your app with additional features the Onymos components provide.


  • Works out-of-the-box - No work is required to be done on Facebook, Google or Twitter - It is all done for you!
  • User Insights - Derive insights into your user base, using Onymos Business Analytics. Augment with additional app-specific information to create a richer understanding of your user population and their usage of your app.
  • User Profiling - Setup rules based on User's characteristics to categorize your user population. Tailor your app experience based on the user's category, providing varying awesome experiences to different user categories, and in some cases keeping harmful users away from your app.
  • Control Panel - Comprehensive control panel to tailor user insight and user categorization settings, and visualize critical app usage data.


  • Blazing Fast - 99.9% of messages delivered within 400 milli-seconds
  • Encryption - You, as the app creator, can decide between a) Full encryption (Default setting) where only Sender and Recipient devices can decrypt the messages, b) User-level encryption where Sender, Recipient and you, as the app developer, can decrypt the messages.
  • Simple thread management - Threads are identified by thread participants' info. No need to compute and manage threadIDs, nor setup Chat rooms, nor create Friends' groups.


  • Performance - Handle 1000s of Contacts with ease, on both iOS and Android devices. Running out of memory, and long waits for Contacts loading are a thing of the past, when you use Onymos. Tested with 22,000+ Contacts on both iOS and Android.
  • Multi-select Compatible - Stellar performance allows you to easily build multi-select of Contacts, in your own design. You can ask your Onymos Customer success partner for a reference implementation.


  • Client-side compression - 100% on-device variable compression of Photos and Videos. Your app users will love your app for the limited bandwidth Media upload consumes, and the highest quality user experience. Try out the technology hands-on at our blog post.
  • Number of Supported devices - There is not a device running iOS or Android, including some old OS versions, that Onymos Media does not handle. There simply isn't a better technology that can assure your app to handle Photos and Videos on almost all known iOS and Android devices.
  • Orientation Fixes - Ever received a Photo or Video that you have to tilt your neck to view. Your app will not have those issues, period!
  • Folders - Your users can select Photos and Videos from the various device folders, including Android's various media folders.
  • Camera - Support for live-shoot of Photos from within your app. Coming soon: Video-support
  • Uploads - Support for part-uploads, and intelligent recovery after connection failures. Progress-tracking, and in-progress cancel of Uploads are additional features that your app users will love.


Onymos security architecture secures your users' in-flight and at-rest data with several layers of industry leading technologies and practices.

Our customer base includes those that are COPPA compliant. We support them in adhering to such high security and privacy standards as required for COPPA.

Extend your App to whatever you want it to be

Your App is 100% extensible and configurable, using Ionic Framework and Onymos Fabric functions. All of the back-end infrastructure is already configured and in-use by your app.

Get Started

  1. Create an account at and get a FREE license of Onymos Fabric
  2. Download the Onymos Fabric, unzip and follow the simple step-by-step instructions
  3. In 3 hours, distribute version-1 of your app to your Friends & Family
  4. Continue building your app, using Onymos' simple end-to-end back-end functions with integrated infrastructure
  5. Market your app!


If you have questions or comments, please use our Contact page, or email us at