Organization WiFi Login and Notice Sharing App

Organization WiFi Login and Notice Sharing App

Super awesome app to login into the wifi networkof your organization and sharing important notices.


Anup Kumar Panwar

Anup Kumar Panwar

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4 years ago
4 years ago

“PU WiFi makes Panjab University Wi-Fi ([email protected]) login/logout easier and informs you about the latest Notices and events in and around Panjab University ” It is quite annoying to enter your login details on the “Sign in to Wi-Fi” page whenever you connect to PU Wi-Fi ([email protected]). What’s more difficult is remembering those random usernames and passwords.

So here’s and “PU WiFi” app. It follows the minimalist UI design principles. Just login once with your username and password and the app will save your account. Next time when you connect to Panjab University Wi-Fi, you’ll just need to tap on your account and you are logged in.

Logging out of the wifi is even easier with this app. Just tap the power button at the top. As soon as it turns off you are successfully logged out.

Moreover, with "PU WIFI" app you never miss the important notices. Yes, the app informs you about various events and imporant notices for Panjab University Students. Also, you can post your notices with other students and staff.

Download the PU WiFi app now and enhance you Panjab University Wi-Fi experience.

Top Features :- • Panjab University Notices • Simple and beautiful UI • 1-Tap Login • Easy accounts management • Secure • Small and fast

How Tos:- • Tap on account to login • Tap the power button at the top to logout • Touch & hold the account to delete it