Quizionic 3

Quizionic 3

The best quiz app template for ionic 3.9.2/Angular 5.0.0 framework with SQLite and PHP/MySQL databases Google Admob, Facebook Login, Google Analytics and In-App-Purchase plugins


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Quizionic3 - The Best and Complete Ionic3 Quiz App Template w/local SQLite DB & PHP/MySQL backend

Quizionic3 is an app template developed in Ionic3 Framework with local SQLite database and PHP/MySQL backend server with plenty of integrated Cordova plugins such as: Facebook login, Google Admob, Google Analytics, In-App-Purchase and Chartjs/Momemnts.js libraries.

This app template helps developers to reduce time when building database-driven applications such as Quiz, Exam Simulators or eLearning mobile apps.


  • In App Purchase Cordova plugin - Facebook Cordova plugin used for login - Google AdMob Pro Cordova plugin - Google Analytic Cordova plugin - InAppBrowser Cordova plugin used to open external website pages inside the mobile application - Typescript observables and promises - LocalStorage as well as SQLite/WebSQL pre-populated database - Remote database MySQL (1 for PIN Management, 1 for content synchronization) with PHP scripts support for webservice - HTML5/CSS3/SASS code for visual representation - Chartjs and Movements.js libraries for animated chart visualization - Separated DbService and StoreService providers to support common functions to interact with local/remote databases as well as stores like: Itunes and Google Play Marketplace - Developer page, a quick and effective way to test your app on the fly by accessing to parameters that modify the way the app behaves. - App can be tested in Chrome and Safari browsers (with the except of Facebook login and In-App-Purchase - this is simulated under browser). - Intendeed for Android and iOS devices, it can be also adapted to Windows ones. In addition, this package comes with 2 PDF manuals (around 90 pages) plus 1 HTML file for installation instructions.