Reminder  Tasks Complete App with source code

Reminder Tasks Complete App with source code

Prioritise your tasks, manage your time, and meet your deadlines




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Figuring out what to work on first? Then you need one solution Todoish to prioritise your tasks, manage your time, and meet your deadlines. Break down your complex boards/ goals into tasks with reminders and notifications. Everything’s organised and categorized for you so that you never lose an important task, meetings, goals etc.

Focused Modules :

Dashboards : An all-in-one dashboard or tool that will let you create tasks ,complete them and Keep track of everything in one place itself.

Boards : Simply create projects/boards to organise everything with anyone. Map out your boards & goals with its color-code, selected icon and description.

Tasks : Small tasks for every day add up to big board/ goal/ project over time. Add important tasks by setting reminders, or notifications. View all your priorities for today, and filter tasks for the next/ previous days in calendar view. Review/change task status as completed or delete if not required.

Notes : Create notes reminder with image for a board so you never forget or miss out on an important task.

Settings : Manage your profile information and also allow you to update login credentials details.

Features :

Daily and weekly work schedule is available to you anytime, anywhere Unlimited boards, tasks, notes, reminders with create, organise, edit features Keep track of your tasks using today, previous and next days in calendar view Pin your important projects, tasks and notes to with colorful color-codes and icons Create projects/goals with sub-tasks/ sub-goals to make your tasks concrete and manageable Add notes to boards and get notified by setting timely reminders Schedule your agenda so that it will help you boost your productivity Focus on the things that matter to unlock your true potential Visualise your work. Move work through multiple modules quickly and easily Elegant, attractive and incredibly user-friendly interface Graphical statistics on projects, goals and meetings on dashboard We at IWCN also offers custom mobile app and software solutions on demand, Feel free to get in touch with us on

Todoish is constantly updated with new features. Please write to us before leaving negative reviews, as we can often help with your problem or help you better use the app.

If you have any problem or suggestion, please send mail to, you will get the response and solution in a short time.