Restaufire Cart Ionic with Admin Dashboard Angular

Restaufire Cart Ionic with Admin Dashboard Angular

Ionic App Orders Products with Admin Panel Developed in Angular 4


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Note: please, after buying the product and having paid for it, send me an email to to send the whole code package. Restaufire App and Angular Admin App

Mobile application for ionic version 3 for orders of food or other items, includes angular panel items manager panel, the application of orders serves to order orders to a main dashboard where you can accept the order and verify it, it is made in ionic version 3, angular 4 (dashboard), firebase. You will have all the code with the purchase of the application. This is a good base for your projects. I leave the demo on the following links.

Admin Panel - Angular 4 (link:

Create Orders
View Orders
Change Order Status
Items or Products CRUD

Ionic v3 App Demo:
Login Auth Facebook
Login Auth Google
Login Auth Email and Password
Register new Users
Create Orders
View Orders

Database - Firebase

Includes json file with NoSQL Database structure (firebase) and Angular Admin Code

This it included 2 aplications - App Ionic and App Backend Admin

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