Small Organization Application

Small Organization Application

Great application for small organizations such as churches, student groups, user groups, and meetups


Brett Koenig

Brett Koenig

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5 years ago
4 years ago

Thank you for your interest in the application. What you are buying is the source code to an application that has been accepted into both the App Store and Google Play. All that has been changed are the constants, and some API keys have been redacted. The code is clearly marked where your correct keys/constants can be added in, and it is all in one file.

This application is great for small organizations with talks, events, and videos to keep track of. This app can also be used to get feedback into a google sheet.

To see the application that this source code created:

App Store:

Google Play:

The app on the app stores and the screenshots attached were created by only making changes to the constants.js file and inserting my own links/keys! Feel free to email me with any questions!

*I am available for hire at certain times by the half hour to try to help you get your app submitted to the app stores as it is a tricky process and I have been through it a couple times. If we aren’t able to make progress together, the session is free.

*I am also available for hire to add functionality, or customize this application for your organization, send me an email to discuss these options.

*Unfortunately, I cannot offer refunds after purchase as there is no way to guarantee that you haven’t held on to the code. All purchases are final.


-Utilizes YouTube Api. Gets most recent videos from a YouTube channel and plays them in the app.

-Utilizes Google Calendar Api. Gets events from a google calendar, displays them and users can navigate to the location using their phone’s native maps, or can add events to their calendar.

-Play audio on device from url using this library

-Push notification integration (OneSignal), segmented by specific groups for targeted notifications based on users choice.

-Custom form with required fields and local storage to bring up common information from last submission.

-Utilizes Moment.js for clean date display

-Can submit form entries to a Google Sheet