Firebase v2 Social Network Light

Firebase v2 Social Network Light

Social Network Sidemenu Starter with Firebase Authentication and ngCordova




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** Firebase V3 - This version is currently not compatible with Firebase v3. Feel free to try out the Advanced Edition instead (supports Firebase v3) **

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This app is a perfect starter kit to start creating your own social network today. It includes the main authentication management (signup, login, etc.) and allows you to follow and view the public profiles of other users. In addition, you will find an implementation of one ngCordova plugins, allowing you to change your public profile picture by taking a new picture or importing an image from your phone.


A new version of this product is now available for download. It includes new functionalities, such as Social Authentication, Adding Posts and More. Have a look on this page. If you have purchased this item, then you are eligible to get version 2.0 for free.


  • Full Firebase Authentication implementation with custom form validation (register, login, change password, reset password, change e-mail)
  • Manage your public profile (profile picture, display name, username)
  • Includes ngCordova as dependency
  • Take a new image or upload from your phone library to change your public profile picture
  • Manage your followers by searching and adding by username

If you need more functionalities, have a look here


  1. Install Ionic and Cordova in your workspace; assuming you have installed nodejs in your workspace already, run npm install -g cordova ionic in your console.
  2. Start a blank Ionic app ionic start myApp blank
  3. Download and unpack this .zip file to your workspace and replace the folder www with the content

B. Firebase Setup

  1. Login to Firebase and go to "Login & Auth"
  2. Enable Email & Password Authentication
  3. Copy the Firebase Security Rules from (www/config/firebase_rules.txt) to "Security & Rules"
  4. Update the variable FBURL from (www/js/app.js)

Now you are ready to go!

If you have any difficulties or issues, feel free to drop a message to

Have fun coding!

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Phonegap Build

If you are receiving the error:

www/config.xml: TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined (CLI v1.7.14)

then please rename www/config.xml or delete it. It is primarily used for Phonegap Build.