Messenger Ionic ios, android, macos, window, ubuntu

Messenger Ionic ios, android, macos, window, ubuntu

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Messenger Ionic (ios, android, macos, ubuntu, window)

Messenger Ionic is a hybrid application build on ionic v1 can run on multiplatform (ios, android, macos app, ubuntu app, window app).


  • Frontend: Ionic 1, angularjs 1, cordova, html5, css3, nodejs, webrtc, accountkit-facebook, electron, ...
  • Server: Nodejs, mongodb,, ...


  • if you cannot buy with gumroad please contact me.
  • Email and Skype:
  • Support you can run project on web, build ios, android, macos, ubuntu, window. setup nodejs server (local, amazon ec2 or digital ocean)
  • My timezone: +7 Images demo

    alt ionic, hybrid, full chat app alt ionic, hybrid, full chat app

Setup Project

  • File docs in folder when you buy app

New Features!

  • All data is realtime (video call, audio call, chat, send video, change info, online offline status, ...)
  • Push Notification on ios, android, macos, ubuntu, window (Free and unlimited from one signal)
  • Login with phonenumber use sms from accountkit facebook (free and unlimited sms)
  • Setting page (barcode scanner, config notification on or off, change name, logout, change avatar, send feedback, see infomation user)
  • People page show all user using app (online or offline status, invite friend, show your contact using app, ...)
  • Home page (show function like facebook messenger, send text, video, audio, location, sticker, ... audio call, video call, ... )
  • Google analytics
  • Multiple language (Update for next version)
  • Voice message
  • Story like facebook
  • Login with barcode scanner for desktop app like what'sapp
  • Admin control panel (Update for next version)
  • And more ...