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Supermodular Ionic - Free Application

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Supermodular Ionic is the only starter you need in order to build your next modular Ionic application. It provides all the functionalities and architecture for an application which is planned to be composed by separate independent components, each one of them containing everything that is necessary for a particular functionality. It is a well structured, well organised and implemented app that comes with the ingredients a modern application needs. Best practices, proven techniques and experienced software architecture are packed with a well crafted design.


  • PopOver menu: A working example demonstrates the popular popOver menus.
  • Wordpress: Provides Wordpress support that is going to facilitate you to fetch and display the posts of a Wordpress website.
  • Elements: Plethora of form elements and form layouts samples are demonstrated.
  • Map: Define one or more locations and show them as pins on the map.
  • Contact us: 4 buttons are available to the users:

    1. Call us: It will make the device to start a call to the phone number you have defined
    2. Send us an Email: Mailer will open with an email already set so as the user won’t need to type it
    3. Find us / Get directions: The map application which is already installed on the device will be launched to show exact locations on the map.
    4. Visit us on Facebook: The browser application which is already installed on the device will be launched to open a Facebook page that is set.


Yeoman Ionic Framework Generator powered

Yeoman Ionic Framework Generator is used for scaffolding this hybrid application. Yeoman is integrated with Ionic Framework and Cordova plugin. Also, the included Grunt build system optimizes and automates some important tasks of your workflow.


Are you interesting in having multiple languages packed with this application? Check our I18N Ionic Application and learn how you can make it happen.

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``` 2.0 - December 31, 2015 - Ionic update to v1.2.1 - New module demonstrating Native Scrolling - New module demonstrating New Slide Box

1.2 - December 22, 2015 - Downgrade Cordova iOS to 3.9.2 so there is no conflict with the plugins used - Improved installation process - Copy of package.json for the replacement of the original one when needed

1.1 - December 17, 2015 - Fix on ConnectionType always returning Connection.UNKNOWN (Android) - Ionic update to v1.1.1 - Cordova CLI update to v5.4.1 - Ionic CLI update to v1.7.12 - ngCordova update to v0.1.23-alpha - Support of android versions back to 4.0 - Cordova iOS engine update to 4.0.0 - Plugins update - Improved installation process for Win/Linux/MacOS - update with improved instructions on how to install, run, build the app.

1.0 - Nov 23, 2015 - Initial release ```