whatsapp Sender

whatsapp Sender

Send message to any number with out showing your identity .


Hamza Salem

Hamza Salem

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3 years ago
3 years ago

This app uses whatsapp public api to open a chat with any number you enter. No contact is created on the device.

NEW: Create shareable html links to open a whatsapp number with one click (this app is not required to open them, whatsapp will automatically handle them)

An unkown number called you and you want to know if they have whatsapp? You need to send a message to someone but you don't want to save it as a contact? You want to start a chat with yourself? Just open the app and enter the number (with prefix).

Create links: You can create an html link that, when clicked, will open whatsapp on the specified number. This is a whatsapp feature, so you don't need this app to open the link. You can also add a message that will be placed on the input box. It will NOT, I repeat, will NOT be sent. The user must press the send button manually. If you specify a message but not a number whatsapp will ask where to send it (again, will NOT be sent, only autocompleted). You can save the link as a quick shortcut, share it so people can contact you (the number is visible on the link, be careful), set a predefined message on a site to 'share it on whatsapp', etc. Remember, you don't need this app to open the link, it is a whatsapp one. Thank for reading the description, here is a hidden shortcut: long tap the 'share' button to quickly copy the link to the clipboard.

This is a tool app: simple and lightweight. No extra features, no extra size, no permissions, no ads...just the open-in-whatsapp feature.