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DeepBlue Kit

A styled template pack for Ionic


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DeepBlue Kit version 1.1

A styled template pack for Ionic

DeepBlue kit is an original ionic theme with included templates (based on SASS) that includes the following screens:

  • start, login, forgotten password, signup, account views
  • feed view with pull-to-refresh interaction
  • shop view with list of products, working shopping cart persisting to localStorage and checkout view. The shop view integrates $ionicActionSheet service and provides a custom badge style to show the number of products in cart.

The theme is built with SASS and can be further customized.

The kit has no other dependencies than Ionic in order to guarantee the maximun flexibility and extensibility. It's been built using ionic v. 1.1.0.

Please note that some sections of the app, such as login, signup and checkout, are only templates and must be connected to real services in order to work.

The general app structure provided must be intented as a demonstration of use of the theme and a collection of common patterns that can be used in building an ionic app and you probably might want to rearrange screens in a different way in your final application.


  • SASS based theme
  • 9 html templates based on ionic components showcasing the theme
  • Simple implementation of CartService based on localStorage
  • Commented source code, with special tags with references to implementations, some hints on how to plug real services and some tips on ionic components.

What you get

In the downloaded ZIP you will get the theme scss and compiled css and a full ionic project.

Theme files are contained in "scss" folder. The example app is contained in the "www" folder and is an extensive example of how to use the theme (and some ionic features in general), plus some bonus implementation examples.

Test before you buy

You can test the example app using Ionic View. App id: c66415ab

Support and info

Get more information about this theme [our website] ( For information about this theme and other ionic related services we provide drop us a line at