Fashion World - With Various Product Variants

Fashion World - With Various Product Variants

Fashion World is an Ionic 3.0 mobile app template related to fashion category.


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Product Description:

Fashion World is an Ionic 3.0 mobile app template related to fashion category. Our enhanced Fashion World template introduces many features example vibration when add product in cart, image magnifier, color selection option & more.

This is an IONIC 3 fashion template. It includes following screens:

  1. Login
  2. Signup
  3. Forgot password
  4. Search user location via use current location or select location manually
  5. Cloth listing with filter and sort property
  6. Cloth listing with list view and grid view
  7. Search cloth
  8. Cloth detail
  9. Add to cart page where product list of added product to cart
  10. Address page to add address for shipping
  11. Select shipping method and date-time
  12. Enter Coupon number for discount
  13. Choose Payment method
  14. View profile
  15. Change password
  16. Notification
  17. About Us
  18. Feedback

Template Features:

  1. It is a SASS based 23 pages template.
  2. Sliding Banners with cubical slide rotation.
  3. Side menu with multi-level categories in accordion view and user account.
  4. Each section is separated into different controller and services for easy reusability.
  5. All data is fetched from different dummy JSON objects. You just need to replace the demo data with your data.
  6. Fully fledged E-commerce Functionality.
  7. User-generated feedback feature.
  8. Retrieve user location automatically or by manually.
  9. Immediate Quantity change on add to cart.
  10. Product color selection feature.
  11. Product size selection feature.
  12. Product view with Image Magnifier.
  13. Product view with grid view and list view.
  14. Product filtration on multiple bases like Brand, Price, etc.
  15. Product Sorting with title and price.
  16. Product Searching with the title.
  17. Vibration on adding the item in the cart.
  18. Cart icon in navigation header on every screen showing the total no of items in the cart.
  19. Cart update with items adds remove.
  20. Checkout Address Selector with add more shipping address.
  21. Delivery option selector with Shipping methods, Date and Time.
  22. Multiple payment method selectors on place order screen.
  23. Straightforward checkout process to complete orders smoothly.

If you have any query then please contact [email protected]

Write Us at [email protected] or skype (manish.osuniverse) If interested in Full Fashion World solution (including App + Website + Back-end).

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