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Food Line

A complete restaurant template/theme for IONIC framework version 4.x Multi Language Support


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A complete restaurant template/theme for IONIC framework version 4.x (Multi Language Support)

List of screen in the template/theme

  • App tutorial screens
  • Attractive login form
  • Attractive Signup with full name, email and password.
  • Forgot Password
  • Dashboard / Home with an attractive slider and product horizontal view
  • Attractive Tabs option for easy to use app. Tabs like Home, Category, Offers, Account
  • Advance product filter
  • Side Menu with other pages
  • Account
  • Change Password
  • Notifications Setting
  • Order history list
  • Order history detail
  • Feedback
  • FAQs
  • Terms & Condition
  • Privacy Policy
  • Notifications Messages
  • Address Book
  • Gold Membership
  • About
  • Choose Language
  • Product list option
  • Shopping Cart List
  • Delivery Address
  • Delivery Address Add/Edit/Delete options.
  • Delivery Options
  • Express Delivery
  • Schedule Delivery
  • Checkout
  • Discount Coupon
  • Order summary
  • Payment Methods
  • Order Confirmation

List of features in the template/theme

  • Multi Language functionality.
  • Fresh design and simple beautiful animation used.
  • Attractive add to cart button.
  • Fully response and tested in IOS 8 + and Android 5.0 + devices.
  • Skeleton effect on listing pages to provide native app look.
  • Good use of sass and easy to customize design and color.
  • Ready to use for any restaurant application.
  • Interactive Shopping Cart which is handling complete order process.
  • Custom Pip is used to manage currency symbols and number formatting. It helps to manage complete app currency from one place.
  • Easy and simple cart process.
  • Interactive delivery address section with add/edit/delete option.
  • Redeem discount coupon option.
  • Readme file included with the package for installation process.
  • Services are used to fetch records.
  • A base URL is used for all APIs request, due to this it’s very easy to replace base URL of api for entire theme / app.
  • Water flow effect in profile page.
  • Stikcy header effecct.
  • Used Font Awesome icons. Easy to enhence template functionality.
  • Used Google Font.
  • It is just an IONIC theme or template with dummy APIs request.
  • There is no backend functionality included along with this theme/template.
  • LTR support for all the languages.
  • Template Developed using IOS Mode.

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