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Hotel Booking

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Product Description

Hotel Template (Ionic 5) is a template where users can search locations or hotels and proceed to book a room. Users can also see a list of booked hotels upcoming/past. Users can see shortlisted hotels, travellers list etc.

It includes the following screens:

  1. Login
  2. Register
  3. Forgot password
  4. Hotel Home
  5. Search Hotel
  6. Listing
  7. MapView
  8. Hotel Detail
  9. Select Room
  10. Booking Review
  11. Payment 12.Booking Success
  12. Settings
  13. My Booking
  14. Profile
  15. Travellers List
  16. Add Traveller
  17. Shortlisted Hotel
  18. Hotel Policy and Rules
  19. Question & Answer
  20. Terms & Conditions

Template Features:

  1. It is a SASS based template.
  2. Each page has different HTML, CSS, and ts code.
  3. Users can see a search for places or select a popular location.
  4. From the Hotel list, the user can select a hotel or see the search for a hotel.
  5. Then the user can proceed to select a room.
  6. There is a booking review screen to review the details, apply coupons, booking amount, and then proceed to payment.
  7. After payment, the user will get a booking confirmation screen.
  8. Users can shortlist any hotel and can see the list.
  9. Users can see a list of travellers and add travellers.
  10. There is Trips screen to show a list of Upcoming/Past booked hotels.

Installation Steps:

  1. Download and extract the zip. Move to the project directory from terminal. Install dependencies from package.json by running the below command from your terminal.

  2. npm install

  3. Serve the project into browser. ionic serve
  4. To make the build, run following command. ionic cordova build [device]
  5. To run on device run following command. ionic cordova run [device]

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