Ionic 2 Starter Full App Supports Multiple Language i18n

Ionic 2 Starter Full App Supports Multiple Language i18n

All In One - Multipurpose Ionic2 Starter Theme


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Ionic 2 Starter Full App Supports Multiple Language i18n

This application template build in using Ionic 2 Framework with applied i18n that is support multiple language. Now four languages applied in this app, languages are- default English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic(RTL Support). Build In multiple theme concepts like Social media, Ecommerce, Business Logic, Map etc. Full application organised very simple design concepts with proper project structure, best practices. We applied latest version of Ionic 2, Angular 2, Typescript with i18n. Connect with us

Multi Purpose Application


Youtube Ionic Viewer

Preview this application on IOS and Android using Ionic View. Please download this Ionic View application from - [Ionic Viewer]. Use the app ID - a3a6e8a9

Android APK file




Ionic 2 Starter Full App Document TutorialPlatform Support

This app support all the platform - Android, IOS, Windows


  1. Landing Page
  2. Login Page
  3. Signup Page
  4. Forget Password
  5. Profile Page
  6. Calendar
  7. Location Google Map
  8. Chart
  9. Ecommerce
  10. Latest News
  11. Chat
  12. Components
  13. About Us
  14. Contact Us
  15. Settings
  16. Search
  17. Logout


  1. Technologies- Ionic 2 + Angular 2 + Typescript
  2. Latest release of Ionic 2 and Angular 2 version
  3. Animated design that is clear and meaningfull
  4. 37 components
  5. Support multiple language I18n. Implemented by Ionic 2 - translator developed from Angular 2(ng2-translate ).
  6. RTL Support
  7. Full authentication of Landing, Login and Registration page.
  8. Side menu support with Icon and company logo
  9. User Profile included with social options - Timeline, About Me, Friends, and Gallery tabs
  10. Calendar component implementation of Angular 2 full calendar
  11. Google map components added multiple view options detect current location
  12. Chart components added multiple chart and implemented by Chart.Js
  13. Ecommerce Module( Category wise product list and cart options)
  14. Latest news component slided support
  15. Chat module
  16. Awesome components page design
  17. About us and contact us components
  18. Language change options added into the Settings component
  19. Search and logout
  20. Very easy to customize
  21. Generated icons and splash screens
  22. Support full page Image viewer of any image. Implemented from - Image Viewer


Side Menu

Profile Pages


Google Map




Internationalization (i18n)

#### JSON File Structure

#### Apply in Plain Html Text Page

RTL Support


Project Folder Structure