Ionic Facebook clone

Ionic Facebook clone

Facebook Clone in ionic 4 with awesome UI and clean codewith pwa ready



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Facebook Clone App

Technical Features of FriendBook App1. Built with Ionic 4 , Angular 7, Cordova ,Sass 2. One code for mobile apps and website 3. PWA enabled 4. PUSH notification in web and mobile enabled 5. Offline functionality enabled 6. Support all Mobile Devices, Tablets and Desktops 7. For native view ( Google’s Material Design based ) 8. More then 10 Pages 9. Easily acess the services 10. Few mins Setup 11. Easily Customizable 12. Reduce development efforts by 80% 13. Reduce Cost from $4K USD developing Frontend of web app and mobile apps 14. Complete support to setup the application 15. Easy do change color theme with Sass variables

Features of FriendBook App

  1. Easy Registration Process
  2. Easily Connect People
  3. Easily create events.
  4. All screens with great UX
  5. Notification to the members
  6. Login Permission only for admin people

Setting up the theme

  1. Buy and Download .zip file from here and unzip.
  2. Run npm install to install libraries
  3. Run the project on local , run ionic serve
  4. Run ionic cordova resources to generate all platforms icons and splash.
  5. Creating PWA : 5.1 ng add @angular/pwa --project app 5.2 ionic build --prod 5.3 Check the www folder for PWA
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