Ionic Space Theme for Time Traveler

Ionic Space Theme for Time Traveler

One of the most beautiful themes built with Ionic




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Space Theme from published app Time Traveler

This theme encompasses the exact design and functionality as the app Time Traveler - Reveal the Future. Time traveler measures relativistic time dilation, explained by Einstein's theory of general relativity, that we experience in our daily life. Since this is a very small number, an arbitrary-precision library has been used to cope with the large number of decimals.

You can read more about Time Traveler here

Theme selected as one of the most beautiful apps built with Ionic

If you want to impress, this is a perfect theme to do so. This theme has been selected as one of the most beautiful apps built and is therefore exhibited in the Ionic Showcase


The theme is available with all the functionalities built in with Time Traveler. You may re-use these functionalities in a new project or delete them for a fresh start. The functionalities include:

  • Animating galaxy and handling an abstract background
  • Stopwatch example usage
  • Calculation of Time Dilation at a high-precison
  • Implementation of $ionicModal
  • Implementation and usage of the BigNumber.js library for arbitrary-precision arithmetic

Try before you buy

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Or with Ionic View: bf397e36


  1. Make sure that node.js is installed in your workspace.
  2. Install Ionic npm install -g cordova ionic
  3. Start a blank Ionic Project ionic start myApp blank
  4. Replace the www folder with this package

Modifying the theme

  1. Setup Sass with ionic setup sass
  2. Replace in the root/sass (one level up) folder with from www/sass (from this package)
  3. After modifying the file, run gulp sass to apply the changes

Questions or Issues

If you have any issues or questions, please drop a message to

Have fun!