Ionic 3 Cab  Taxi booking App. Contains Driver registration, designed for Tour n Travels Cab n Taxi Enqueries

Ionic 3 Cab Taxi booking App. Contains Driver registration, designed for Tour n Travels Cab n Taxi Enqueries

Kick-start Cab , Tour App with complete ionic development



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Cab Booking reservation App theme truly focused in Tour n Travels SME with Rent a Car and Tour Activities flow.

#Capture Information of a guest user

#Get inquiry of different types of cars for the single journey

#Auto Calculate distance of the journey

#Google Map integration to get exact source and destination

#Driver registration flow

Optimized to be performatic at any platform app (Android & iOS) and Web Apps (PWA).

#Latest Material template for SME Cab and Tour n Travels Business

#Save complete development

#ionic v3

#SASS powered


#Complete flow in 8 Screens and Actions

#Truly focused for best UX to capture for Tour

#IonicPage / Deeplink

#Optimized for Mobile platforms (Android & iOS) and PWA.

#Services and Mock Data samples

#Ionic 3 Components samples

#Icon & Splash PSD's theme samples for iOS & Android

#Built with Ionic 3, Angular 5, Cordova, Sass, Material Design

#Easy do change color theme with Sass variables @IonicPage / Deeplinking

******************** Setting up the theme ********************

  1. Buy and Download .zip file from shoptly and unzip.
  2. Run npm install to install libraries.
  3. Run ionic cordova resources to generate all platforms icons and splash.
  4. Run ionic serve -l, it will automatically generate a local www build and open this in your browser.

******************** For build PWA ********************************

Run npm run build:pwa

It will generate and optimize all resources for Web Apps.

Test localhost your build running: npm run serve:pwa

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