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Application Description

At a large organization, the human resources or payroll department typically conducts employment verification, but some companies hire third-party verification services instead. Employment history verification assures employers that you have all the experience and qualifications listed on your resume.

I'd start with the caveat that background verification can be hugely variable depending on the job.

In general, the company is trying to verify that:

what you told them that led to the job offer/hiring decision was accurate (ie, dates of job history, employment verification)

that there are no unknown risks to hiring you as an employee in this environment (legal to work in the country, criminal record)

that you are as competent to do the job as they think you are

that you are of good character (professional reference check)

In India, the prevalent norm is for human resources (HR) to conduct a reference check from past employment based on the information provided by a candidate. The authentication of residential addresses, educational and criminal records is typically outsourced to third party background verification companies.

Employment verification :
First & foremost, the employer must obtain permission before conducting a Background check. Candidates can deny permission to contact a previous employer, but they can still be asked to provide documentation such as Payslips, Bank statements reflecting salary credits, experience letter, Form 16 etc. The same is true when an employer cannot be reached, such as those that are no longer in business.

• Duration of employment

• Designation

• Salary

• Reporting manager details

• Performance and professionalism

• Reasons for leaving

• Eligibility for rehiring

• Any issues encountered

urgent employer verification should never be conducted without the candidates consent, as it might influence his/her career in a negative way.

Education Verification:
This verification has become very important as in recent times many employees pose fake graduation or post graduation certificates to land their dream jobs or for better pay or designation.

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