Jewellery Store

Jewellery Store

Jewellery Store is a online store to showcase the product from your store with simple and clean ui



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1 year ago
4 months ago

Shopping jewelry is an experience like no other. That is why we launched the store at very affordable price for your business startup

Jewellery Store is an IONIC framework theme developed based on SASS.

In this online jewelry shop, It is a pre-built enterprise ecommerce solution which has worked with major jewellery retailers across the globe.

Features of app:

1: Feature image, Gallery or product photos
2: Product overview, including title, price, features, CTA and customization options
3: Product description
4: PWA Enabled to user for offline functionality of app so user easily view products

Business Features:

#Reduce development efforts by 80%

#Reduce Cost from $6K USD developing Frontend of web app and mobile apps

#Complete support to setup the application

#Easy do change color theme with Sass variables

#Business Features of Jewelry Store

#Easy Registration Process

#User can choose their preferable service date and time.

#Reach your target users in offline mode

#Send deals via notifications

#Sub services screens with great UX

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