Multilingual Grocery World Template

Multilingual Grocery World Template

An advanced sass based multilingual ionic template for online shop.


Feature List of Multilingual Grocery World Template:-

Grocery World is a multilingual ionic framework theme that has been developed keeping in mind the need for the multiple language support in E-commerce application.

1) Grocery world is multilingual (English,Arabic,German and Chinese) e-commerce app template .

2) Flip add to cart button with the option of increasing or decreasing the product quantity with the button itself.

3) Single page for the authentication process (i.e login,register and forgot password ) with the help of Single Page Application features.

4) Social Login (Facebook and Google+) for the template integration only.

5) List view and Grid view for the products to display in the template. User can seamlessly change their view from grid view to list view on a tap of the button.

6) Product selection option based on the variant i.e 1 Kg,5Kg,10 Kg etc.

A Complete E-commerce template pack for IONIC framework.

Grocery World is an original IONIC framework theme developed based on SASS that includes the following screens:

1) User Interaction Screens with Signup and Login.

2) Social login option both Facebook and Google plus available in the template.

3) Dashboard screen.

4) Interactive Side menu with multi level accordion categories.

5) Product List with Filter and Sorting.

6) Product Search.

7) Shopping Cart Update.

8) Cart Checkout with Billing Shipping.

9) Cart Delivery Options.

10) Place order screen with Coupon and Payment Options.

11) Order Success Screen.

Template Features:

1) It is a SASS based template.

2) Used Material Design.

3) CSS Animations.

4) Sliding Banners.

5) Side menu with all categories in accordion view and user account.

6) Setting gear present in the sidemen for the user to give some extra added advantage of customizing their profile.

7) Each section is separated in different controller and services for easy reusability.

8) All data are fetched from different dummy JSON objects . You just need to replace the demo data with your data.

9) Fully fledged E-commerce Functionality.

10) Product listing with flip add to cart button with the option of increasing or decreasing the product item with plus or minus button itself.

11)Immediate Quantity change on add to cart when the product is added in the cart page.

12) Product filtration with multiple basis like Brand, Price, Discounts , etc.

13) Product Sorting with title and price.

14) Cart present in the header on every screen showing the total no of items in every section of the app.

15) Cart update with items add remove.

16) Checkout Address Selector with add more billing and shipping address.

17) Delivery option selector with Shipping methods, Date and Time.

18) Coupon redeem interface on place order screen .

19) Multiple payment method selector on place order screen.

Test Before You Buy :

Test it using Ionic Pro- View (ID: 713147ed).
To download the Ionic Pro -View please visit the following URL : Download Ionic Pro -View

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