Property Finder

Property Finder

Property Finder is an ionic template where end user can find commercial and non-commercial properties added by brokers/agents. They can filter properties according to their requirements and can contact with brokers/agents via call, send inquiry or schedule meeting.


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A property template where the finder (end-user) can find properties added by brokers. They can filter properties according to their requirements. They can call, send inquiry or schedule a meeting with the brokers/agents. It is an IONIC 5 Property template, includes the following screens:

  1. Login
  2. Register
  3. Forgot password
  4. Search property via zip code or address
  5. Property listing with filter and sort property
  6. Search property
  7. Property list on the map view
  8. Property detail page
  9. Post a message to the broker
  10. Schedule a meeting with the broker
  11. Google map view for location
  12. On map view property detail and Call to action
  13. Favorites list
  14. View & edit profile
  15. Settings
  16. Notification
  17. Notification data

Template Features:

  1. It is a SASS based template.
  2. Used material design.
  3. Each page has different HTML, CSS, and ts code.
  4. All data are fetched from different dummy JSON objects.
  5. Login, Register and Forgot Password.
  6. Form validation.
  7. Finder can sort as well filter properties from the list.
  8. Display properties list as the marker showing property details (in info window) on google map with autocomplete suggestion of the location.
  9. Call broker from the map view of property.
  10. Add property to the favorite list.
  11. See property location on the map.
  12. Call agent, send inquiry, and schedule appointment.
  13. Separate screen to list favorites property.
  14. Property details can be shared through social media (like Whatsapp).
  15. Notification screen to list all the notification. Notification detail to show the detailed notification.

Installation Steps:

  1. Extract the source code file and run the following command from terminal (project root directory)
  2. npm i (It will install required files and libraries and dependencies)
  3. ionic serve (It will run the project on browser)
  4. ionic cordova platform add [platform] (It will add platform to project. Platform may be ios or android)
  5. ionic cordova build [platform] (It will create build for platform)

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