Quiz Time

Quiz Time

Beautiful Theme for Quiz with Chart.js in ionic3 and Ionic5




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Quiz Time is a beautiful elegant theme for quiz in ionic3, ionic4 and ionic5 with chart.js embedded to display and compare result for every level using charts. Easily customizable template for ios, android and windows platform supporting various screen sizes.


  • Home Screen
  • Level Screen
  • Quiz Test Screen
  • Result Screen
  • Performance Summary Screen - with Chart.js


  • Simple, Clear and Attractive design
  • Progressing timer for each question.
  • Line chart to display score secured in each level
  • Doughnut Chart to display average percentage scored in each level of difficulty
  • Animation effects on incrementing score while attending quiz
  • Supporting portrait orientation
  • Easily customizable themes with scss files
  • Comments were included in the code for easy understanding and modification


  • Install ionic dependencies: NodeJS, Github, Cordova and Ionic2
  • Download the zip file and unzip it.
  • Copy the folders inside quizTime/ionic3/src or quizTime/ionic5/src to your projects src folder based on the installed ionic version in your system
  • Run "npm install chart.js --save" from console to include chartjs library to your project
  • Run $ionic serve to check the app in browser

Note :

  • Version 3 code will support both ionic2 and ionic3
  • Version 5 code will support both ionic4 and ionic5


  • Customize the app color by editing “primary” under colors in app/theme/variables.scss.
  • Follow the comments in the file to modify progressing timer and chart colors.

View Demo before you buy:

View demo at "https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VtN7A1-K_00UlGj4e0CxKylTFl6dqCra/view?usp=sharing"

About us:

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