Reviews And Rating

Reviews And Rating

An advanced sass based ionic template for reviews and ratings.


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A simple template pack for IONIC framework for reviews and ratings.

Reviews & Rating is an IONIC framework theme developed based on SASS that includes the following sections:

1) User signup and login.

2) Forgot password section.

2) Dashboard listings screen.

3) Interactive Side menu with multi level categories.

4) Listting detail page with all relevent information.

5) CSS3 animation effects.

6) Interactive form for write a review and made an enquiry by the user.

7) Elegantly display of the photos in scrolling for better user experience.

8) Reviews on listing.

9) Comments on reviews.

Template Features:

1) It is a SASS based template.

2) Used Material Design.

3) CSS Animations.

4) Sliding Cards on the dashboard screen.

5) Side menu with all categories in accordion view and user account.

6) Each section is separated in different controller and services for easy reliability.

7) All data are fetched from different dummy JSON objects . You just need to replace the demo data with your data.

8) Link to your website option also present with this app which gives the user to link their website with this app.

Note:- There is no api integrated in this theme. It is a simple HTML and angularjs ionic template.

Test Before You Buy :

You can test the app using Ionic View (ID: 6830c076).
To download the Ionic Pro -View please visit the following URL : Download Ionic Pro -ViewIf you have any query then please contact [email protected]

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